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Volvo 850/70 Series Exhaust Upgrades

2019-03-28 - Megan Russell

IPD Volvo Exhaust Upgrades for the 850/S70/V70

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To continue on in our series of Volvo Exhausts, we have to look at the IPD Volvo turbo back exhaust kits for the 1994 - 2000 series 850/ S70/ V70 Volvo, or otherwise known as the “850/70 series”. As mentioned in our previous article on the 200 series exhaust, the IPD exhausts are made with high quality materials. The 850/70 series exhausts are made from T409 stainless steel. These systems will provide long lasting performance while looking better than Volvo OE. The T409 resists rust unlike conventional steel exhausts, including Volvo OE.

Here are some examples and advantages.

IPD's Turbo Back Sport Exhaust Kit for the 850/ S70/ V70 series, part numbers 114198 and 114199. Both of these exhaust kits include the downpipe, high flow catalytic converter, resonator mid section, rear muffler section, IPD signature exhaust tip, exhaust hangers as well as quality V-Band clamps that you'll need for a seamless install and upgrade with ease of mind. Rule of thumb for a good exhaust, less resistance equals more flow and this was our goal with our high flow sport exhaust system.

The benefits from the IPD turbo back exhaust kits show that the freer flowing system not only makes your Volvo sound louder and bring out the engine sound itself but it also allows your Volvo's turbo to push out exhaust pressure quicker and build more power at an earlier RPM as the result. This means the turbo can spool up sooner and add power to the mid range where you can really utilize it. The biggest contributor to this turbo efficiency is the downpipe in our sports exhaust kit which is a larger diameter from the stock downpipe.

Please take note:

“Volvo used three different styles of turbocharger outlets in their models from 1994-2000. They were angle flange, straight flange, and conical flange. We do not currently offer conical flange outlet systems at this time however only a few models were equipped with the conical outlet. Fortunately all the turbo exhaust housings are interchangeable so if you do have a conical flange turbo you can change your turbo outlet housing to either a straight or angle flange and then use the corresponding IPD turbo back exhaust system.”

IPD Volvo product information 114198 and 114199

If you have any questions about which exhaust would be better for your 200 series Volvo, please contact our team of Volvo experts today!


Most exhaust systems will be legal, however we do advise our California customers to check what their current laws dictate, January 1st 2019 on.