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Volvo 200 Series Exhaust Upgrades

2019-03-27 - Megan Russell

Does your Volvo 240 feel exhausted and feeling like it needs an extra pep in it’s step? We suggest looking at an exhaust system as your first step into gaining some extra horsepower in your Volvo. Changing how your engine breathes will make a world of difference in performance and fuel economy. Especially for you forced induction Volvo fans!

Depending on the Volvo you are modifying, you will have many options as far as header back, cat back or axle back exhausts. How your Volvo reacts to an exhaust will matter entirely on the platform. For instance, the 200 series model Volvo is known for having a bit of a sluggish feeling in power from factory, but by putting on a IPD Volvo performance exhaust that is engineered to increase horsepower you will see a large gain in power from just that exhaust modification.  

There are a few options with the 200 series Volvo that are worth noting. There is a full cat-back Starla exhaust system available (100893) that works more as a factory replacement in the fact that it does not change the diameter of the exhaust tubing much from stock, but it does have higher flowing mufflers that come in a larger diameter that will give your Volvo a slightly deeper resonance without making the exhaust system much louder than stock.

Your other Volvo exhaust option being the IPD Performance Exhaust, the IPD Volvo 304 Stainless Steel exhaust system (139511 and 139512). These are the same exhausts, however, the 139512 has larger diameter exhaust tubing, 2.25” from the 2” of the 139511 and it boasts a higher flowing catalytic converter. Due to the larger diameter tubing and higher flowing catalytic converter, you will notice gains in power and sound. The 139512 IPD Sports Exhaust will show decent power gains and sound over the 2” 139511, however, if you want to get a little more power over stock and not have a sport like louder exhaust note we suggest the 139511. We made both of our exhausts in 304 Stainless Steel to last longer, look better than stock and combat rust.

Due to the nature of turbo cars, not just Volvo solely, they normally see larger gains from exhaust than a naturally aspirated car The reason being that the turbo needs to flow to yield the biggest power gains. This is because if optimal exhaust sizing, more exhaust flow means it requires a larger optimal size i.e. a turbo which produces much more exhaust, needing much more exhaust flow. Making sure to properly size your exhaust is crucial, bigger is not always better! Backpressure, flow velocity, and resistance of flow all help the car run better at cruising speeds and maintain drivability. Our exhausts have been rigorously engineered here at IPDto work seamlessly with your Volvo, so you can have ease of mind over having to calculate back pressure, flow velocity or resistance of flow.

If you have any questions about which exhaust would be better for your 200 series Volvo, please contact our team of Volvo experts today!


Most exhaust systems will be legal, however we do advise our California customers to check what their current laws dictate, January 1st 2019 on.