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Customer Spotlight - Mark Lawson

2019-03-22 - Mark Lawson

I've owned this 2015 S60 T6 R-Design for about a year and a half now, and I've wanted to make the car my own. I've wanted to make this car how I envisioned it should have been produced by Volvo originally. 

Having previously owned a 2004 S60 R, I know that there is a small but vibrant community surrounding these quirky and fun Swedish vehicles. Never one to fall into the crowd, I found owning and flaunting a Swedish car to be right in my wheelhouse. The lack of a robust aftermarket parts network, compared to other car brands, meant relying on fellow owners for knowledge and expertise. I enjoyed hearing others' stories of triumph and tribulation in improving their respective Volvos. 

Due to age and high mileage, I traded in my 2004 S60R for a 2015 S60 R-Resign, and immediately I saw a problem. The car needed a noticeable exhaust note and it needed a suspension upgrade. Given that the car is Passion Red, it commanded attention which meant that I had to make it meet or exceed people's expectations. 

So far I've installed the IPD downpipe, Elevate Catback exhaust, IPD rear sway bar and end links, H&R spacers, and H&R springs

It sounds very aggressive under power and handles like a true European performance sedan. The car feels like a totally new animal, and she feels poised to accept even more add-ons and power.

So far I feel like I've made a true Stage 1 car, at least in my own eyes. In the future, I foresee upgrading the intake, intake manifold, turbo, brakes, and potentially a tune.