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Customer Feature - Maxim Glass

2018-12-19 - Maxim Glass - ipd customer

I've been and always will be a Volvo owner

My first Volvo was a 1990 740 that I got as a hand-me-down from my father. I ended up selling that with a final mileage of 300k+ miles. My next Volvo was a 1985 240 wagon with 169k miles. The 240 is currently for sale and is being listed on IPD's classifieds. My current Volvo is a 1999 S70 T5 that has 17-inch IPD Pegasus Replica wheels, a K&N filter, LED headlights, LED fogs and XC grille. All the windows are tinted including the windshield. There's also a Blaupunkt Bluetooth head unit installed. I've done most of the work myself when it came to replacing the dash, front seats and all of the door lock actuators. I've been and always will be a Volvo owner. I never plan on selling this S70 either; only acquiring newer Volvos.

-Maxim Glass

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