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Fraud Prevention Partnership

2015-11-23 - ipd staff


Volvo tuners Elevate, ipd and K-PAX Racing create partnership to combat online fraud

(November 24, 2015) – Elevate, ipd and K-PAX Racing are teaming up to create a partnership to combat online fraud. This partnership entails the companies collaborating and sharing information regarding fraudulant transactions and falseshipping claims in an effort to ensure the business losses involved with fraud are not passed on to their respective customers as price increases. The companies will not share regular customer information, but only the information pertaining to any fraudulant and suspicious transactions.

Don Nicholson, the founder and CEO of Elevate Cars states: “It’s sad that it even has to come to this, but unfortunately the regularity of fraudulant transactions are increasing and are becoming more brazen. Sharing these instances with our partners in the Volvo parts world only makes common sense”.

Nicholson continues: “this is something that not only affect us as companies but also our customers as these frauds ultimately affect our cost of doing business and therefore the pricing of our products”.

The co-founder and president of K-PAX Performance Cars, Peter Nielsen, adds: “as a company, K-PAX has just recently entered the online commerce space with the launch of our new website but we have always had close relations with Elevate and ipd and this sort of cooperation just makes sense. We want to take a stand before our online business is negatively impacted and ultimately affects prices and our customers”.

Chris Delano, Vice President of ipd USA mentions: “we at ipd are known for our customer service and competitive pricing and our goal is to continue delivering this to our loyal customers without having to resort to extra security measures or price increases. Using this partnership to sort through and identify the bad apples will help protect us and our customers in the future.”

The partnership has vowed to also work more closely with local and federal law enforcment agencies and report all potential crimes of fraud.

For more information on Elevate, please visit: www.elevatecars.com

For more information on K-PAX Performance Cars: www.kpaxperformance.com

For more information on ipd, please visit: www.ipdusa.com