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Customer Spotlight - Finn Martin Johansen

2015-04-13 - Finn Martin Johansen

My V70

by Finn Martin Johansen

I would be very happy to provide you with your first V70 customer story (at least I didn´t see any MY08- V70s in your blog). 

I have a Volvo, not so old, not a classic. I just bought a car according to my needs at the time, 2 children (space and storage), snowy winters (AWD), comfort (sofa?), and acceleration (enough anyway, even though more is never wrong...)!

However... I don´t really have a story, and I never really "loved" Volvo. I always thought they were a little "old-mans-car"-ish… 

*way too soft and comfortable, 

*gearbox from the stoneage (don´t allow me full control. it still shifts down if i give full gas in 4th gear), 

*not possible to turn off traction-control (but u can ignore it and keep sliding around, then it will go to error-mode, and all is off so it´s possible to slide around as much as you want, then stop and start again, then the traction-control is back on), 

*then safety-safety-safety: unwanted pling-sounds if you don´t use seatbelt, spending all my washer-fluid on the headlights, 

And I still think so, that’s why I’ve had to do so many things to my car, to get it more towards something I think is better for my age...

Actually I’ve been a Saab-guy since I got my first Saab in 2001, a 1996 Saab 900, silver with black leather interior, beautiful car, then 2 years later a 1997 Saab 900 Turbo (which I tuned and upgraded for 15,000 dollars) However, you know how it went with Saab! 

Then I considered another Saab 9-3 Aero in 2007, but tested an Audi S4 Bi-Turbo with tune (315hp/500nm) and it was sick-cool, so I just had to have it! But after lots of expensive troubles (turbo blown and such after track use :-s) I decided to not just follow my enthusiast heart in 2011 when I bought my current Volvo! 

I considered a Saab 9-3 Turbo X, but chose my Volvo over it, because of the unpleasant salesperson at the Saab-dealer. 

I like acceleration, and I like solid things! Things that last, and work! And I like going fast! I still have an old Audi S4, 2000-model, great fun, great bills, great fun and then more great bills! When you can´t push the right pedal all the way down from time to time without worrying about how much it´s gonna cost you it´s not so fun anymore!

Now, it must be said... I have yet to experience any kind of trouble with my Volvo. After 90,000 kilometers driven, so I’m very pleased with its reliability and the space it has for my family with two small girls kicking the back of my seat. And now, after spending some money on it, it´s starting to become more of my kind of car, nice and comfortable still, but firm not "floaty boaty", louder with the inline 6 turbo sound thru new bigger exhaust mufflers, faster thru the Polestar-tune up to 315hp and 480 torques, and not wiggling in the rear with the IPD-stiffer-stuff, HD-links and sway-bar. Secret wishes for more tune lurks in the back of my mind, like bigger turbo, full exhaust, bigger intercooler, lots of opportunities for tracktime and more, but I’m happy with it, I’m lucky. I’m happy with my Volvo, it doesn´t attract as much attention as my Audi, and not many knows what it´s about, few wants to race unless I instigate it! Many are surprised when a Volvo can keep up or pass their precious BMW or Audi.

But, the gearbox... omg... it is the big anti-enthusiastic thing with this car, it is s l o o o w, so if it would be possible, and affordable I would change/upgrade it in a second. I like automatic like dual-clutch or paddle-shifters or such, but I don´t mind manuals either, anything but what’s in it right now.

Now, if I will buy a Volvo when I buy a car next time?? Hmm.. not sure, I might go BMW 535D X-drive or Audi S4, both 2012-13 models, but I do like reliability, so maybe I’ll go Volvo again, gear-box holding me back from it!

I have no complaints on IPD :-D Good service, quick delivery and good products!

Regards Finn Martin Johansen

Ed, Sweden