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ipd Heavy Duty Upper Spring Seat

2009-01-21 - Rob Arnold

Volvo front wheel drive models commonly develop a clunk in the front suspension that can be caused by worn out upper spring seats. This can occur in some models with as few as 30K miles and can be perpetuated by performance springs and shocks.

To provide increased longevity and better shock damping performance ipd has developed our own heavy duty upper spring seat. Our design incorporates more virgin (non-recycled) rubber which encourages a stronger bond between the rubber and the spring seat center mounting sleeve which is the most common point of failure on this part.

ipd's heavy duty spring seat features additional material in key areas to increase longevity and consistent performance without adding additional noise or vibration into the chassis. Get your vehicle back to handling like a new car and keep it that way!

Fits 850, S70, V70, S80, S60, XC90, C70 (1998-2005).
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Includes "R" models. Two per vehicle.