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2006 Volvo S40


Volvo released their redesigned Volvo S40 sport sedan in late 2004 creating an affordable performance vehicle without sacrificing any safety aspects. Volvo's main challenge was developing the same safety features in the small packaged Volvo S40 that come equipped on the much larger Volvo S80 sedan. The Volvo S40 was designed using VIVA (Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture). An unprecedented amount of time went into developing the chassis and body with a focus on crash protection. Four different types of steel are strategically used throughout the body of the car to provide maximum energy absorption in engineered crush zones, all in the interest of occupant safety.

The Vovlo S40 T5 uses a new five cylinder in line 2.5 liter turbocharged engine making 218 horsepower and 236 pounds-feet of torque over the wide range of 1500-4800 rpm. The Volvo T5 model comes with a five-speed automatic or a sixspeed manual transmission.

We took delivery of our project 2005 Volvo S40 T5 six-speed manual transmission to develop new performance products to enhance the already capable performance of the S40 and V50. The S40 and V50 has attracted an entirely new crowd to experience the legendary safety that Volvo has built its reputation on. This new demographic is largely comprised of younger owners who are more interested in improving the handling capabilities, interior and exterior styling, and engine performance than Volvo owners of the past.


  • IPD Volvo strut brace
  • IPD Volvo heavy duty endlinks
  • IPD Volvo 22mm Rear anti sway bar
  • KW adjustable coilover suspension
  • IPD Volvo big brake upgrade with 13 inch (330mm) dimpled rotors

Engine performance

  • IPD Volvo/ MTE Ecu upgrade
  • K&N Typhoon Air intake
  • GP Moto blow off valve
  • Aquamist 1S water/methanol injection
  • 3.0 inch Ferritta Downpipe
  • Ferritta Exhaust System
  • IPD Volvo Compact boost gauge and pod

Exterior Modifications

  • Heico front spoiler with carbon splitter
  • Graphics by IPD Volvo
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Wheels VST Monoblock R
  • Tires 225-40-18 Sumitomo HTR Z-II


  • ipd "R" version door lock pins
  • Tire Spy tire monitoring system
  • Heico pedal pads
  • Heico shift knob
  • 20/20 Wide Angle rearview mirror
  • tinted windows