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Customer Spotlight - Gunnar Brinka

2014-08-12 - Gunnar Brinka

My 2004 Volvo V70

by Gunnar Brinka

My V70 is a late 2004. It went off the production line sometime in the last week of June 2004. The front end is one of my modifications. I had a little help merging the parts together though. It's the lower part from BMW M5 E60 welded together with a stock V70 front end. The side skirts are a combo of the 00-04 stock two-piece side skirts welded together with side skirts from V70 08-14. The rear end is built upon a stock rear end V70 00-04, and then a piece from a XC70 2014 has been welded on.

The engine is pretty much untouched. I have replaced the air filter with an open AEM-filter, and by doing so I also modified the cold air intake manifold to fit the filter nicely. But other than that the engine is a stock 2.4 170hp.

I have been modifying the car a little now and then since 2008 when I bought it. It has been lowered with springs, but I'll change to coil over springs in the future. In Sweden it's a standard option with rails on the roof. But I hated them and replaced them with a pair of long trim moldings as they are sold in the states. 

I have done a little upholstery work as well: Dashboard, center console, and door panels. The new color on the car is actually not a Volvo color code, but more of a US kind of color. :-)

Chrysler Blaze Red, which can be found on for example the Chrysler Crossfire.

I have a facebook page all about the car https://www.facebook.com/BittenByBrinka 
There you can find a lot of pictures. Pretty much everything from day 1 until today..
It's all in Swedish, but hey, there’s always Google translate! :-D

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