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2011 S60 T6 AWD

2014-08-06 - ipd staff

We’re very excited to announce ipd’s new project car. This 2011 S60 T6 AWD isn’t brand new, but that’s ok! We like our project cars to be a few years old with some miles on them.  That gives us an opportunity to see how well engine, interior, and suspension components are holding up. ipd utilizes project vehicles not only for promotion, but for R&D and new product ideas.

We picked this S60 up from DLR Nordic located in Portland Oregon. They are an independent Volvo car dealer and have sourced many project cars for us in the past. Once they saw this car, they knew it would be a perfect fit for us. In 2011 this S60 had a complete makeover done by Galpin Auto Sports. The Galpin Automotive Group owns many dealerships and specialty performance shops spread all over Van Nuys California. This particular car was built specifically to be put on display at the Las Vegas SEMA show.  GAS did a fantastic job repainting the car, outfitting it with 3 piece custom wheels, and finalizing it with custom interior that includes a blue suede headliner.

Now that all the exterior and interior pieces have been completely redone, we’re looking forward to testing suspension and performance items on this car. ipd is starting to see a demand for these types of products on the P3 S60 chassis. We plan on gaining some exposure by outfitting the S60 with a new turbocharger, downpipe, exhaust system, and some new carbon fiber accents.

Keep your eyes peeled in this blog to see updates and product information related to this vehicle. We hope you’ll tune in as this project progresses.

Thanks for checking out our new ride!