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Customer Spotlight - Jim Hojem 1992 850

2013-10-03 - Jim Hojem - ipd customer

The Car That Doesn't Exist - Volvo 854 T5-R AWD

My name is Jim Roger Bengtsson Hojem from Verdal, Norway. Im 20 years old and love Volvos. I'm 3th generation Volvo enthusiast. I live on the countryside and most of my friends drive Volvo. Verdal is almost like a "Volvo town."

The car is a 1992 mod GLE that I got for my 17th birthday, I bought it in Trondheim, Norway. By then it had run 240,000km. And now the car has done 270,000km without problems. My family doesn't drive anything else but Volvo. I'm 3rd generation Volvo enthusiast. I'll soon be 20 yeas old and I spend all my time on the car. It took about 3 years to build. I love the engine most, and the all wheel drive. It handles just great!

The car started out as a standard GLE 2,5L 10v with a bad engine. Then i got the idea to make it turbo-awd. People said it wasn't gonna work. I didn't let that stop me and after 2 trips to Sweden I got home with a 855 T5 and a v70 awd. Stripped mine for the front and rear drivetrain and engine, same with the two Swedish cars.

Then it got to that point where the rear awd drivetrain was all the way in  after a bit of work on welding in the brackets that hold the multilink axle. After 4 hours of measuring, the brackets were installed and finished.

Then it was the engine. A 2,0L T5, modified the engine block to fit the angle gear. 16T turbo and GLT cams. Got it in and the car and she dies after 2 weeks. All the valves were smashed, so i got my self a T5-R Engine to replace it.

Now to the specs and what i have done to it:

  • 2,3L T5-R engine
  • AWD drivetrain
  • 16T
  • Dp tuning stage 3 300hk/430nm
  • 2.5" straight exhaust
  • Big ALU cooler
  • Blue silicone hoses
  • 1 bar wastegate
  • Original Volvo carbon valve cover
  • Autodown on the front windows
  • BTCC style oilcaps
  • Original Volvo strut bar
  • V70 keyless door handles
  • V70 black seats in front and black s70 seats in the back
  • Glas sunroof

I repainted it but in the original color. I went for an original look, like a sleeper.

The winter is here very soon so the summer tires are replaced with my winter tires! The snow is coming about October 20th.

The T5-R engine its in place!

I recommend ipd. They helped me so much with troubleshooting and when I had trouble with the boost. They are engaged when it comes to Volvo, and people can see that. Good quality parts too. Many of my friends that own a Volvo use ipd parts and I have nothing but positive feedback!