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15th Annual Davis Car Show and Swap Meet - 2013

2013-03-01 - ipd staff


Sunday, April 28, with pre-events scheduled Saturday, April 27

Hello fellow Volvo enthusiast! We are stoked you found us and are looking for more information about the 2013 Davis Volvo show. If you're a long-time participant, then welcome back and if you're new then we're super excited to have you! Regardless, which one you are, you will find some great current information about this year's events.

Before we tell you about this awesome weekend you should know a little history. The Davis Volvo car show and swap meet is a premier West Coast Volvo show. We consistently have hundreds of people and well over 100 cars representing over 60 years of Volvo heritage. We have an awesome mix of cars starting from 1940s and continuing to today’s models. We have ultra-rare models like the P1900. And less rare models, made unique like a S60 with a flat screen TV and coffee maker built into the trunk, or a P1800 racecar. Some cars have also been featured in prominent car magazines. You get the idea. This year we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of this event, the 30th anniversary of Volvo club of America, and the 50th anniversary of ipd! We will present trophies for over 30 different categories and awards. There will be a mix of judged and people's choice awards. We will be having a special presentation for ipd to celebrate their 50 years of service to the Volvo community. We will be coordinating a secret special surprise for the staff at ipd that everybody will be participating in. Shhhhh (it's a secret). There will be media coverage from local sources, and a national car magazine (European Car Magazine) will be covering the events. We are also currently working on production to determine if Euro Tuner can produce a live webcast from the show! There will be multiple vendors attending including a representative from one of Volvo's official race partners: Polestar. The list is constantly evolving and too long to list everything and everyone. As always we will have multiple awesome raffles with great prizes and other swag! All this and much more will make Davis 2013 epic!

A brief and incomplete description of the weekend events include:

SATURDAY: (Hosted by the Sacramento chapter of Volvo club of America) will include a very popular Auto-X event with trophies going to the top finishers. Following an awesome day of seeing what our cars can do, we will head over to the increasingly popular Auto-X rehab party! The party will be at the Sacramento chapter president’s personal Volvo themed auto garage. The rehab party will have a DYNO on-site that will offer pulls for $20 each. There will be a car wash stations hosted by a nonprofit entity so you can clean your Volvo in preparation for the big show on Sunday. There'll be food and dessert and drinks including a large automotive themed celebratory cake. This year, like last, we will be “blowing up” (engine) a non-Volvo vehicle. We then will offer safety goggles and a sledgehammer and allow participants to “smash” the non-Volvo for $$ for charity.

The addition of Saturday's events by the Sacramento chapter has become increasingly popular because it offers an all-day relaxed paced chance to hang out with your fellow Volvo enthusiasts!

SUNDAY: After a good night’s rest from the previous day's activities, or a beautiful drive in from wherever you're coming from, comes the main event! Sunday morning, Davis Central Park belongs to the Golden Gate chapter of the Volvo Club of America along with closing the adjacent street. Gates officially open at 8:00am however there will be staff to assist you as early as 7:00am. When you come to the park you will see the entry point to the show and there a greeter will assist you in finding the proper place to park. You will spend the day from show start at 9:00am to the trophy presentation at 1:00pm, hanging out with friends, fellow Volvo enthusiasts, and talking with each other about the amazing selection of Volvo’s (vintage, stock, brick, modified, etc.).

Throughout the morning there will be random activities and multiple raffle drawings for amazing prizes. Judging will continue throughout the latter morning and the results will be tallied. The trophies this year will be high quality (expensive) and there will be ribbons for second place. We are working on a process that allows for more people to have the opportunity to win awards. (Details at the show). The awards presentation will commence around the 12:30pm time frame. We are working on food for the event as well as many other participant services. And don't forget the amazing selection of rare parts and items from the swap meet vendors and the aftermarket vendors! This show has always been amazing and this year will be the best to date! Pre-registration will be available on the main website very soon. The general price for the event will be only $25 per car. If you're bringing a wagon with the optional extra seat and it's full of people it is still only $25! VCOA members will receive an additional value-added service during registration or at the entry gate. (Swap meet sales spaces have a different price.) Don't miss this once a year premier West Coast Volvo Show!

Clear your calendar and get your car cleaning supplies out. Save your money for that rare item you've been looking for, and get to Davis Central Park, Davis California on Sunday April 28!!!!!

Details at: www.facebook.com/ggvcoa or www.ggvcoa.com and soon Twitter @GGVCOA

(Now for the disclaimer: the events, services, and schedule of the Davis car show weekend are currently still in development and may change/cancel at any time. We have no control over the weather, earthquakes, vendors dropping out, or traffic :-). The items and services listed above represent only a partial list of the schedule currently in development. There is a real chance the show might be even more awesome than described above!)