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$25,000 Build Off: Team Andrew

2013-02-28 - Andrew Carlson - ipd customer service representative

There's a competitive side in all of us, and I can't wait to see who I get to work with on this Build Off. I'm really looking forward to working with you and dialing in your car into what you've always wanted. This should be a great journey over the course of the next year. Just remember that you have to name your car as it is the third person involved on this project!

I have experience in engine building & blue printing, electrical wiring harness building and modification, fiberglass molding, MIG and TIG welding and fabricating skills and am intrigued by anything that twists, spins, rotates, explodes, transmits, charges, or makes a machine work. If you want to include a plane ticket for me to fly out and personally help you with the build, let me know because it might be an option!

If you ever have questions or need suggestions on what to do, where to go, or best route available, let me know. I can’t wait to get this thing started!

Team Andrew - Seth Friesen

Here is your chance to test your race car driving skills behind the wheel of a vintage Volvo 1800E! Picture yourself cutting apexes and going toe to toe in a real 24 Hours of Lemons race at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows California! Only one catch, we need IPD’s help to get our ’71 Volvo 1800E race-ready by the September 13th race date! This is not our first foray into endurance racing in the 24 hours of Lemons race series .

Team LOL (Seth Friesen, Chad Morgan, Steve Detwiler, and Mike Padilla) are almost veterans to the racing series. Successfully completing 5 races in Lemons in a 1984 Volvo 245 wagon (Angela), the team has learned the secrets of completing a endurance race for $500 cars. What is the secret? Well, it has a lot to do with selecting the right car. The Volvo 240 was one of the most reliable and rugged cars ever made. It has proven its worthiness on the track. Despite being heavy and underpowered, the 240 can be made to handle well and can keep up with most of the pack.

Good as the 240 wagon is, the siren’s song of the 1800 series was to great to resist! After searching for years for a $500 1800, we finally found a ’71 1800 that had been calling a wrecking yard home for the past 15 years. It was acquired for an honest $500. With its rust in all the right places and a completely destroyed interior, the car was perfect race car fodder.

What does a 42 year old abandoned car need to be ready for endurance racing? What doesn’t it need! As you can imagine, almost everything mechanical on the car was either broken or completely worn out. Despite this, it is truly a diamond in the rough. The body and interior were too rough for a restoration, but the car was more or less complete. Best of all, it had been somebody’s hot-rod. The car is packed full of vintage IPD go-fast parts! Thick with a rusty patina, giant IPD sway bars and lowering coils lurked beneath. The modifications were not limited to the suspension. The engine had been converted to Weber DCOEs with headers. Best of all, double valve springs were hinting to a performance cam... The engine runs, but it is unlikely to survive more than a single race, hence the rebuild parts on our wish list.

How can $5000 from IPD help team LOL get cinderella ready for the ball? Well, before you start questioning the math of how a $5500 car could possibly count as a $500, know that safety related equipment such as the roll cage and seat do not count. Safety equipment also extends to brakes, tie rods, ball joints, etc. We did include some go fast parts that will count against us, we are hoping the judges turn a blind eye. (Bribery is acceptable and generally encouraged!) It will be the only 1800 in Lemons, so the race promoters will be thrilled regardless. If you choose to select the LOL Racing 1800E as a featured project, you will have a great story to tell on IPD’s blog. We have budgeted $200 for a round-trip flight from Portland to Sacramento, CA so that you can be on the LOL Racing team for a weekend. If we are selected, and get the car prepped by the September 13-15th race (not problem with your help from IPD!), we will pick you up at the airport and drive you up to Thunderhill Raceway. Not only will you get to witness first-hand the awesomest car ever to grace the track, but you will have an opportunity to put a few laps under your belt!

Visit www.1800lemon.com for more information about the project.

Work done so far:

  • Front crossmember rebuild - repaired and reinforced
  • Rebuilt front suspension (bushings and ball joints etc)
  • New oil pump and HD spring and reinforcement ring (Thanks IPD!)
  • Rebuilt Weber Carbs
  • Striped interior and old wire harness
  • Installed new motor and tranny mounts
  • Welded turn signal holes in body

Current projects

  • Purchased 15 ATL fuel cell, fabricating the mounting cage.
  • Fabricating new dash face panel for smaller VDO gauges

Future projects

  • Major work will begin on the car in June (I am a High School teacher, I have the summer off!)
  • New wiring
  • Roll Cage and Seat install
  • Fuel system plumbing
  • 240 brake conversion
  • At this point the car should be drivable so we can tune and evaluate the engine.

Project Deadline

  • September 13th - 24 Hours of Lemons event at Thunderhill Raceway

IPD Parts List

  • 100018 Front Lower Spoiler Air Dam 1800 - $129.95
  • 101290 Rod Bearing Set Standard Size - B18 B20 - $39.83
  • 101293 Main Bearing Set Standard Size - B18 B20 B21 B23 - $83.30
  • 101341 Fiber Cam Gear - $70.72
  • 101377 Head Gasket Set - B20 Fuel Injected - $86.17
  • 101489 Thermostat - $9.79
  • 101538 Water Pump Kit - $36.98
  • 101565 Clutch Cable 140 1800 - $26.81
  • 101585 Clutch Kit B18 B20 122 140 1800 - $161.11
  • 101606 Brake Master Cylinder - $151.08
  • 101641 Front Brake Rotor - 240 260*  - $54.77 (2) $109.54
  • 101657 Steering Coupler - 1800 Models  - $35.82
  • 101698 Pilot Bearing - $3.06
  • 101705 Tie Rod - Left - $49.24
  • 104120 Center Rod End Set - $96.00
  • 104651 Oil Filter 3 Pack with Drain Plug Washers - $14.95
  • 104652 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit - 1800 Models - $217.04
  • 105443 Adjustable External Voltage Regulator - $44.49
  • 106044 Koni Front Shock - Amazon 1800 - (2) $187.18
  • 106319 Starter Motor & Solenoid - $126.92
  • 106853 Left Door Seal - 1800 - $48.56
  • 106854 Right Door Seal - 1800 - $51.02
  • 106979 Redline MTL - $15.81 (3) $47.43
  • 110193 Shifter Boot 1800 142 144 145 - $16.24
  • 110581 Front Right Brake Caliper - 200* - $94.44
  • 110582 Front Left Brake Caliper - 200* - $94.44
  • 110597 Ate Super Blue Brake Fluid - $15.97 (20) $31.94
  • 110700 Piston Set - .030 Oversize - 1969-1973 B20 - $281.82
  • 111347 Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug - $4.95
  • 115453 Front Brake Pad Set 240 260 - Girling Calipers - $22.65
  • *We are converting the front brakes to 240 calipers and rotors. A custom bracket is being fabricated by an engineer friend of ours to hold the calipers at the correct offset for the 240 caliper.

TOTAL - $2,373.47

Non-IPD parts and services

  • Lemons Legal Roll Cage - Evil Genius Racing, Sacramento CA.! $1200
  • http://www.evilgeniusracing.com/
  • H3R Fire Extinguisher - www.summitracing.com! ! ! $57.95
  • Simpson Latch and Link 5 pt. Harness - www.summitracing.com! $129.95
  • Sparco EVO race seat - www.winecountrymotorsports.com! $779.00
  • Southwest Airline Ticket - Portland to Sacramento! ! $200

TOTAL - $2366.90

May 3, 2013

Let me start by saying that this is the first time I have ever won anything of any significance and I am so excited!  After stalking IPD's Facebook and web site all day Wednesday, I finally came across Andrew Carlson's selection on the home page. I couldn't believe my eyes! What a great day!  I immediately went on Facebook and messaged the other guys on the racing team, and they were also ecstatic! This is a huge boost to the 1800E race car project; in fact, it was really looking unlikely that we would ever get the car ready for the race in September (let alone any race).  The scope of the project just kept growing and growing; the parts lists and expenses just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Thanks to IPD, it is looking like this project will become a reality.  After an introductory telephone call with Andrew, it also looks like we have found the perfect mentor for this project!  Andrew offered to help us in any way and I could tell that he was genuinely excited to see our project unfold (I think he was mostly excited to turn some fast laps in the old Volvo!)  Next step for us is a team meeting to lay down a strategy for completing our project car.  Thanks IPD!

May 23, 2013

Well the old 1800 is going in for its scheduled surgery this weekend! With our talented team taking scheduled shifts and putting in the time, we are sure this first procedure will be a success. Even though multiple surgeries are scheduled over the next few months, we fully expect this beauty to be in marathon shape come September 13th. We will brief the public on the post surgery recovery, shortly. In the meantime, the team got some ipd goodies recently. Watch video below.

June 10, 2013

The weekend work party was a success! Of course, it was much more "party" than"work", but we did manage to get some things done.  We reattached a new "used" steering box and new Ipd steering coupler. The old box had some bad bearing races and needed major work, luckily I found a good replacement unit for only $25 on ebay! With the steering box installed we could put on the new tie rod ends and outer tie rod assemblies. Towards the rear of the car, Steve and Chad replaced the worn pan hard bushings and installed the new Koni Shocks. The fuel cell cage was completed and some of the AN fuel lines and fittings were assembled. Our friend Greg the engineer came by to measure the new brackets for the 240 brake conversion, more on that later!


June 19, 2013

Video of Build Off winner Seth Friesen dropped by ipd's headquarters for a visit and we asked him for an update on the build.

July 9, 2013

Ann Arbor MI -- Today Car and Driver reported that Andrew Carlson, against the advice of mental-health professionals, will compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons -- a wheel-to-wheel car race for heaps that cost $500 or less. Carlson's team -- the unpromisingly named "LOL Racing" -- hits your local track on 09/14/2013 to 09/15/2013, where therapists and junkyard operators are already standing by.

One relative, on condition of anonymity, described Carlson's family as "...saddened but unsurprised" by the news. "Unfortunately, we've come to expect such lapses in judgment," the source told C/D.

Friends, coworkes, and relatives interested in staging an intervention and/or watching Carlson do something incredibly embarrassing can find more information at Car and Driver's LeMons minisite or LeMons' race-info page.

July 16, 2013

One step for lemons, and a giant leap to the front for Team LOL

Looks like our guys on the Team Andrew (Team LOL) have been stepping up and getting their hands and dirty, getting this car DUN!!!!

Roll cage has been finished with added safety bars that are not typically needed in the Lemons series races. This being done will ensure that all of the fortunate bodies that get to drive the beast machine, are going to walk away safely at the end of the day…The day is coming faster than we could have imagined. Now starts the complicated part of the journey…..wiring.

August 12, 2013

We have installed a 15 gallon ATL fuel cell into the car.  The Lemons rules would have allowed us to keep the stock tank in the stock location, but a rusty, unsafe fuel tank isn't going to be part of our race-winning recipe. The stock tank is fine for a street car, but with its location so close to the rear and a lack of role-over check valves, it just didn't seem like a good idea on a race track; plus the stock tank is only 10 gallons, too small for endurance racing. Enter the ATL fuel cell.  This was one of the single most expensive parts of this build, but the increase in safety is worth every penny. This cell is SFI approved, so it has a deformable bladder inside of the steel case. The bladder is filled with special foam which keeps the fuel from sloshing around and gushing out if the bladder were to break. The cell holds 15 gallons, which should be enough for us to only have to fuel twice during a 6 hour race session.

August 27, 2013

November 7, 2013

Team LOL Racing recap of the 24 Hours of Lemons race on Sept. 14 and 15 at Thunderhill Raceway.

September 21, 2014

Our build off team “Team LOL” competed again in this year’s   “vodden the hell are we doing here” at Thunder Hill Raceway.

Here are some pictures from the race this last weekend.  https://headonphotos.net/gallery/LMNS/LMNS14-2/1/index.html

For those who have not heard, the 1800 is no more.  The car was totaled towards the end of the race.  When one of the drivers was coming back around to the front straight away, he lost control and hit the pit entry wall.

November 7, 2014

Exactly one month after the untimely demise of the ’71 Volvo 1800E at Thunderhill, we were given a ’66 Volvo 122. The car had been “stored” on a Sierra Foothills timber preserve since 1987. Where other people would see a rat-infested heap, rotting away in the forest; we see Lemons racing glory! The plan is to transplant the heart and soul (engine, drivetrain, suspension) of our 1800E into the beast. More to come soon!