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Customer Feature - Zach Cherkaoui

2012-10-04 - Zach Cherkaoui

One of our customers, Zach Cherkaoui, shares with us how hunting down the perfect 240 Volvo took a little time and effort but was worth it in the end.

Well, I’ve been looking for a decent Volvo 240, or 245 for about a year now. The ones that I have found were rusted beyong belief, salvaged, needed new motors, or just plain over priced. I just wanted something decent, that didn’t need much work, that had potential. After months and months of searching, I lost hope. So I put out a wanted add on Kijiji. Two months later, I get a response that seems legitimate. I call up the guy, chat for a bit and discovered it’s a blue, 5spd, 91′ 245 wagon, and he wanted $1000. I almost lost it, because it seemed too perfect. After sending me over 20 photos, I knew I needed to have it.

Now, unfortunately the car was three hours away from my city and there was a terrible snow storm that hit, hard. So, three of my best friends and I jumped into our friends 5-series, and went to go pick her up. As lame as it sounds, I almost fainted when I finally saw this Volvo in person. It was 100% exactly the same as the pictures, virtually no rust, a small dent, and everything was in really good shape…….except for the fact that it had no rear window which was fine because that was the first thing the owner told me.

Anyway, we finished the deal, I explained my story to him, and he was suprised that a young guy such as myself would want a Volvo. I had to tell him, that my first car was a ’79 244DL sedan, that saved my life. After that, Volvo had won my business forever.

After I had the car registered and insured, I drove it to my work, stuck it on a hoist just to see what kind of shape it was really in. Once again, I was surprised. It looked really good underneath. Not much rust, the frame was straight, and there weren't that many leaks either. So, I started to make a list of the things that needed to be replaced. I didn't want to deal with the dealer because, let's face it, they usually have ridiculous prices. I did a little research, and 4 out of 5 people recommended IPD. Honestly, I couldn't believe what the part selection was like. You even stock small items such as grill clips!

Shortly after visiting your site, I had a bill of just over $1000, canadian mind you, and a big smile on my face. I've crossed off a lot of items on my list thus far, and I am very happy with the way the car looks, and feels today. Thank you IPD!

Zach Cherkaoui