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IPD Loves Thule Products


Another Amazing Swedish Company

Thule is a very recognizable name when it comes to outdoor and transportation products for your vehicle. Volvo owners have been using Thule products to outfit their vehicles with bike carriers, roof racks, cargo boxes, and carriers for various recreational equipment.

Volvo owners do not just love Thule because they are another swedish company, they love their products because Thule offers an array of high-quality racking equipment that serves anyone with an adventurous mind looking to engage in any outdoor activity. If you own a car or truck and need something to make your life easier when hauling bikes, camping gear, kayaks, skis, or any other gadget, Thule has already thought of it and has it ready for you to purchase through one of their retailers.  You can find Thule products in more than 30,000 retailers in 138 countries. You can also purchase Thule products direct through their website at www.thule.com  

Partnering With Thule

IPD has been fortunate to work with Thule USA for many years. Thule has supported our project vehicles built for SEMA and other various trade shows. With the rise in popularity for overland vehicles, Thule has been designing and manufacturing various racks catering to off-road enthusiasts. When we started building our own products helping customers explore destinations off common paved surfaces, we turned to Thule for racking equipment and accessories.

Thule Caprock Platform Rack

In this article we are highlighting Thule’s new platform style roof rack called the Caprock. Platform racks have been extremely popular among the overland community. Platform racks are specifically built to be rugged and durable. The Caprock platform rack is constructed from high-quality aluminum. The Thule test center in Sweden make sure and put these products through extreme conditions. They conduct multiple crash tests at different speeds to ensure the rack system transports your gear safely and protects the vehicle from damage. Thule conducts tests in wear and tear simulators to assess their durability and long-term performance. Thule also can run exposure tests against their products. To evaluate the performance of their roof rack systems under conditions that might be encountered during use, they expose them to extreme heat, cold, damp, direct sunlight, and various chemical conditions. 

Platform racks also incorporate a low-profile design making it easier to load and unload heavy items. Platform racks also have a higher weight rating than other racks offered. This is extremely helpful for anyone looking to mount a rooftop tent. Platform racks come with various attachment points allowing you to customize accessories and mounts based on your needs. T-slots make it easy to secure your gear with straps or other specialized mounts. The Thule Caprock comes in multiple sizes to accommodate varying roof dimensions. Here at IPD we found the Thule Caprock S fits a wide range of Volvo applications with factory roof rails.

We feel platform racks are the best way to go when it comes to protecting your vehicle, especially if you are transporting precious cargo on the top of your vehicle. Platform racks look cool and get the job done! Our friends at Thule have a rigorous R&D process. When they launch a product, you know it is going to fit and function incredibly well. If you are in the market for a rooftop rack, check out the Thule Caprock line of platform racks, you cannot go wrong with a name like Thule.