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Staff Cars! Caiden's 2006 S60R And Mick's 1979 240 DL

2023-04-21 - Jonny Perez

Here at IPD, we take great pride in being a one-stop shop for all your Volvo needs. From performance upgrades to maintenance and repairs, we've got you covered. But did you know that our commitment to Volvo extends beyond just providing parts and services? Many of our staff members are Volvo enthusiasts themselves, and they trust IPD for all their Volvo needs.


In this blog post, we want to highlight some of our staff cars, both old and new. First up, we have a 2006 Volvo S60R. This car is owned by Caiden, one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives, and also a Volvo enthusiast. The car features plenty of IPD parts, a turbocharged five-cylinder engine, six-speed manual transmission, all-wheel drive, and advanced suspension. It's a performance-oriented car that's still comfortable and practical for everyday use.

Caid has modified with S60R with IPD parts and an IPD tune, including a performance exhaust system and an upgraded turbo. These modifications not only increase performance but also enhance the car's exhaust note and make it sound even more exciting.


But it's not just modern cars that our staff members own and maintain. One of our team members owns a 1979 Volvo 240 DL, a classic Volvo that's still running strong after more than 40 years on the road. The 240 is a car that's loved by Volvo enthusiasts for its durability, reliability, and simplicity. This car is a testament to the quality of Volvo's engineering and design.

Our video of Mick's 1979 Volvo 240 DL showcases the car's classic design and features plenty of IPD goodies. When Mick isn't rocking out in the warehouse, he's constantly upgrading his 240 with projects including a 1991 B230FT motor swap, and a 5-speed transmission swap. Mick uses IPD parts on this car because they know that our parts are designed specifically for Volvos and will work seamlessly with their cars.


At IPD, we're proud to have staff members who are passionate about Volvo and who trust us for all their Volvo needs. We believe that our staff's personal experience with their cars gives them a unique perspective and allows them to provide better service and advice to our customers.

So if you're a Volvo enthusiast looking for parts, maintenance, or performance upgrades, come to IPD Volvo. We're more than just a parts supplier – we're a community of Volvo enthusiasts who are passionate about these fantastic cars.