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10 Performance Upgrades For Your Volvo


Volvos are known for their safety and reliability, but they can also be tuned for improved performance. Whether you're looking to increase horsepower, improve handling, or add some style to your ride, there are many performance upgrades available for Volvo vehicles. In this article, we'll take a look at the 10 best performance upgrades for your Volvo.

Upgraded AIr Filters

Volvo did an incredible job when creating intake systems for their engines.  Over time IPD has tested many aftermarket kits that rarely out performed the factory induction system.  That’s why IPD has created many high quality high flow air filters.  The task at hand is to increase the flow moving through Volvos already incredible air box system.   Maintianing smooth air flow across the MAF is essential.   Our intakes will increase the air flow without interuppting air flow readings which maintaing consistency and performance.     

Exhaust System

An aftermarket exhaust system is another simple and effective performance upgrade. By replacing the factory exhaust system with a larger and less restrictive one, you'll allow the engine to breathe easier and produce more power amd torque. A high-performance exhaust system will also give your Volvo a more aggressive and sporty sound.

Suspension Upgrades

Improving your Volvo's suspension is key to improving its handling and overall performance. There are many options available, including lowering springs, coilovers, and sway bars. Lowering your Volvo will reduce its center of gravity, making it handle better in turns. Upgraded sway bars and strut braces will also improve handling and reduce body roll.

Brake Upgrades

Upgraded brakes are essential for improving stopping power and performance. Larger rotors and high-performance brake pads will provide better stopping power and increased durability. An upgraded braking system will also reduce brake fade, giving you more confidence when driving your Volvo hard.

Wheel and Tire Upgrades

Upgrading your wheels and tires can improve both the performance and appearance of your Volvo. Larger and wider wheels will provide a wider footprint, giving you better traction and handling. High-performance tires will also give you better grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is a more advanced performance upgrade, but it can provide some significant gains in horsepower and torque. A custom engine tune will recalibrate your engine's computer to run more efficiently, providing you with more power and improved throttle response. 

Lightweight Wheels

Lightweight wheels can improve performance by reducing unsprung weight, the weight of the parts not supported by the suspension. This reduction in weight will improve your Volvo's acceleration, handling, and overall performance. Lightweight wheels are also more aesthetically pleasing, giving your Volvo a sportier and more aggressive look.

Aerodynamic Upgrades

Aerodynamic upgrades, such as a front lip spoiler or rear wing, can improve the performance of your Volvo by reducing drag and increasing downforce. These upgrades will improve stability and handling at higher speeds, giving you a more confident and exhilarating driving experience. This is most common when tracking your vehicle or attending local autocrosses.  

In conclusion, there are many performance upgrades available for your Volvo, from simple and cost-effective modifications to more advanced and expensive options. Whether you're looking to increase horsepower, improve handling, or add some style to your ride, there's a performance upgrade for every budget and need. It's important to keep in mind that some performance upgrades may void your warranty or affect the resale value of your vehicle. It's also important to have a professional perform the upgrades to ensure they're done properly and safely. Remember to consider the driving conditions you'll be encountering and the type of driving you'll be doing when choosing performance upgrades. If you do a lot of highway driving, you may want to focus on aerodynamic upgrades to reduce wind resistance. If you enjoy driving on twisting roads, you may want to prioritize suspension and handling upgrades. Regardless of the upgrades you choose, they'll give you a more personalized and exciting driving experience in your Volvo. With the right performance upgrades, you'll be able to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest and make it truly your own.