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10 Frequent Fixes for 850/70 Series

Created on 2015-07-15 by ipd staff

As the 850 and 70 series Volvos get older and less expensive to purchase, they are finding themselves in the hands of the more do-it-yourself buyer. Our customer service staff has been getting more and more calls on some of the common failure points on these models so we decided to make a video on some of the frequent fixes that we’re seeing. Check out the video below as Chris and Ken go over 10 of the most failure prone components and share some resources that make these trouble spots a lot easier to deal with.

Items covered:

  1. Heater Core
  2. Upper Spring Seats
  3. Front Endlinks
  4. PCV System
  5. Timing Belt and Water Pump
  6. ECT and Thermostat
  7. Upper and Lower Torque Mounts
  8. Overload Coils
  9. Key FOB
  10. Fuel Door Hinge and Latches