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What is the Product Identification Plate? Where can I find it and what does it tell me?

Created on 2011-01-24 by Kevin Rutledge

Volvo uses the Product Identification (ID) Plate to store various information about how a car was equipped from the factor.

Typically, the Product ID plate will contain such things as Exterior Color Code and Interior Code.  Depending on the Model Year, it may also contain numbers that indicate what suspension and/or steering components are on the car. 

In many cases, numbers off of the Product ID Plate may be needed to determine what replacement parts are needed for your Volvo.  These numbers are sort of like a VIN number in that digits in certain positions represent different options.

Product ID Plate Location

On earlier FWD and AWD models, the Product Indentification Plate was under the hood on the Left (Driver's) side of the engine bay.  On later models it is usually located in the front door opening of the right (passenger) rear door (on the "B" pillar".)

Product ID Plate Definitions 1998-2000 model years (S70, V70, C70)

Product ID Plate Definitions up to 2001 to mid-2002 model year (S60, S80, V70, XC70)

Product ID Plate Definitions for mid-2002 model year and later



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