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Spark Plug length issues for P1 & P2 Volvos

Created on 2011-01-24 by Kevin Rutledge, Last Updated on 2021-06-23

Prior to 2004, there was basically one length plug that fit in all FWD & AWD models.  In late 2004, Volvo introduced a different cylinder head that was thicker between then combustion chamber and the spark plug seat. .  This difference means that these engines use different spark plugs and shorter ignition coil packs.

The thicker head appears on all P1 models and later P2 models (S60 T5, V70 T5, S60R & V70R models.)  It also appears that the newer P3 (2007-) 6 cylinder engine uses the longer style plugs. 



Shorter Plug

1993-1997 850
1998-2000 S70
1998-2000 V70/V70XC
1998-2004 C70

2001-2006 S60 Non-Turbo
2001-2002 S60 "2.4T" LPT
2003-2005 S60 "2.5T" LPT
2001-2005 S60 "T5" w/2.3T

2001-2007 V70 Non-Turbo
2001-2002 V70 "2.4T" LPT
2003-2007 V70 "2.5T" LPT
2001-2005 V70 "T5" w/2.3T

2000-2004 V40
2000-2004 S40 (4 CYL)

1999-2006 S80 5 & 6 CYL
2007-2011 S80 V8

2003-2006 XC90 5 & 6 CYL
2003-2011 XC90 V8

Longer Plug

2005-2011 V50
2005-2011 S40 (5 CYL)
2007-2011 C30
2006-2011 C70

2004-2007 S60 "R" (2.5T)
2006-2009 S60 "T5" w/2.4T

2004-2007 V70 "R" (2.5T)
2006-2007 V70 "T5" w/2.4T 
2008-2011 V70 6 CYL 

2008-2011 XC70 6 CYL

2007-2011 S80 6 CYL  

2007-2011 XC90 6 CYL 

2010-2011 S60

2010-2011 XC60



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