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IPD Poly Front Subframe Bushing Insert Kit

IPD - 120168

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Performance parts
OE References
Genuine Volvo - 3507923, 3507924

Product Description

IPD sub-frame inserts are a great way to make a dramatic improvement in ride and control of your car. They are designed to be a cost-effective way to supplement new bushings or to bring new life to old worn bushings. Installation is straight forward and the average DIY'er can usually handle the job.  

The engine cradle or sub-frame on these models is supported by 4 rubber “open window” style mounts. This “open window” design allows for vibration isolation and minimizes the NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) associated with some models. This is a great way to keep a nice quiet ride but there's a downside - road chemicals used in many locations, heat, driving conditions and simple time cause these bushings to fatigue. This can translate to improper wheel alignment, clunking and an overall uncomfortable and unsafe condition especially when braking.

With the addition of the iPd sub-frame inserts, you can not only restore that new car feel but improve upon it. They will improve the ride, control and feel of the car without a compromise in comfort. They can be used in conjunction with new bushings or simply install them on the current ones. They truly make the car a joy to drive without a sacrifice in comfort. They are a much less expensive alternative to replacing worn factory bushings and the installation is much faster, easier and can be done with basic hand tools and minimal experience.

IPD was the first to introduce this product to the Volvo market. IPD spent many months ensuring the fitment and quality. Anytime you add polyurethane to chassis components, using the correct compound is crucial. IPD utilizes the best manufacturing process to develop these kits. The polyurethane is injection molded maintaining accuracy and fitment, especially when installing these in bushings that have tight tolerances. Our kits come complete ready for installation. We include installation grease helping the insert seat properly in the bushing. ipd also includes threadlocker for the factory subframe bolts. Don't be fooled by "knock-offs" available in the aftermarket. Stick with a brand that you can trust has been properly tested and developed for your Volvo application.

Possible conditions associated with worn bushings:

  • Uneven tire wear even after proper alignment.
  • Darting when braking or torque steer when accelerating.
  • Unidentifiable clunking from front suspension.
  • Uncontrollable movement , left or right with no steering input.

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