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Rear Brake Pad Set

Genuine Volvo - 31261186 - 115793

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$58.95AXLE SET
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OEM Reference
Genuine Volvo
Mfr Part Number
Brand Classification
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Product Group
Cross Reference
0252138513, 2138501, 270923, 271573, 271829, 271958, 272291, 31261186, 52003910001, 52003910237, 52003910253, 52003910375, 52003910432, 52003910462, 52003910503, 52003910507, 52003910508, 602935, 7279D391GMA303, 7279D391GMA333, BP391, D3067A, D3067SM, D3067T, D3917279BR2102, D3917279BR6107, D8391EUR, D8391OC, D8391OSM, EUR391, P86009N

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  • 760 models all with IRS (independent rear suspension)
  • 780 models all with IRS 
  • 940 SE models all with IRS
  • 960 models all
  • S90 models all
  • V90 models all
  • V70 AWD (all wheel drive) models 1998
  • V70 XC 1998
  • V70 R 1998
  • V70 AWD 1999 up to and including chassis number 588639
  • V70 XC 1999 up to and including chassis number 587441
  • V70R 1999 up to and including chassis number 587596
  • S70 AWD 1999 withOUT Nivomat up to and including chassis number 596635
  • S70 AWD 1999 WITH Nivomat up to and including chassis number 598922

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About Genuine Volvo

Everything IPD supplies under the "Genuine Volvo" designation are the factory original Volvo parts. These are the same parts that Volvo used to manufacture your vehicles on the assembly line. All Volvo supplied Genuine Volvo parts are made to specifications by Volvo and under their strict quality control guidelines. Our customers should expect the same high-quality when purchasing Genuine Volvo products which in the past were exclusively available as dealer only items. Volvo relies on other high-quality OEM manufactures such as Lemforder, Behr, Sachs, Bosch, Valeo, Siemens, VDO, Corteco, and many more to maintain its dedication to quality and safety.

IPD is the exclusive North American distributor for Genuine Classic Volvo parts outside of the Volvo Dealership network. We are proud of our Volvo heritage dating back to 1963, a reputation that is unmatched by others in the industry.

Many may not know this but Volvo in Latin roughly translates to "to roll".  The company was founded back in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson as a spin-off from ball-bearing manufacturer SKF.  While the Volvo logo looks like the biology symbol for male, it's really the Swedish symbol for Iron. With a nod to its heritage in alloys, Volvo chose a logo that depicted a ring bisecting at one o’clock. Today Volvo is known around the world as one of the most iconic brands known for safety, longevity, and its enthusiast following.

IPD has been proudly serving the Volvo community since 1963. We are motivated to be the very best destination for your Volvo needs. Our customer and vehicle first approach means that your experience is our first priority. We have truly hassle-free returns, an in depth Volvo blog, and provide DIY Volvo guides and videos for many of our products.

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