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Throttle Body Cleaning Kit

Various (Kit) - 106158

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Various (Kit)
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Repair & maintenance

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We get a lot of calls about Fuel Injected Volvos that will not idle consistently, idle too high, or may be hard to start.

As with most running problems, the first suspect is not always the culprit. In other words, something like the IAC (Idle Air Control)  motor may not actually be the problem, and replacing it may not always correct the idle. Often, the cause is a sticky throttle body that simply needs cleaning.

This kit outlines the step-by-step procedure for removal, cleaning and resetting of the throttle body on 1982 and newer LH-jetronic cars. It includes the throttle plate gasket, cleaning brush, cleaner solution and complete photo instructions. For use on all 1986-1995 4 cylinder gas models and 1982-1985 models with LH electronic fuel injection.

About Various (Kit)

"Various" stands for multiple brands that are combined into one kit. 

For more information of what brands are in your kit, please call our customer service team. 



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