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Low Compression Kit - B18 B20

Various (Kit) - 101500

Item Number
Various (Kit)
Brand Classification
Units Per Car
One Year Parts Warranty
Product Group
Repair & maintenance
Comp OE References
Genuine Volvo - 418658, 418656, 460552

Product Description

B18 and B20 engines call for "100 octane leaded" fuel, but this hasn't been available for quite a while. Tuning one of these engines to run on the low octane stuff they call gasoline can be tricky at best. Installing a low compression kit will help prevent pinging and other problems associated with low grade fuel and high compression.

Kit includes a thicker OEM headgasket and matching water pump seals.

Not for use with fuel injected cylinder heads. This kit typically lowers the compression ratio by 1 full point.

Additional Keywords: HEAD GASKET

About Various (Kit)

"Various" stands for multiple brands that are combined into one kit. 

For more information of what brands are in your kit, please call our customer service team. 

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