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Polyurethane Firewall Bushing Kit - 850 70

IPD - 115261

Item Number
Brand Classification
Units Per Car
One Year Parts Warranty
Product Group
Performance parts
OE References
Genuine Volvo - 8631159, 6842255

Product Description

Why polyurethane?

We find polyurethane to be a superior material when compared to rubber namely with repsect to longevity and performance. Poly parts are significantly more resistant to oil and chemical breakdown as well as fatigue from higher underhood tempertaures. They're a natural choice for a number of suspension and engine bushings including our Ipd top engine bushing and lower trans bushings.

NOTE: These polyurethane bushings are firmer than the stock rubber parts they replace and WILL transmit additional vibration. Especially if the motor mounts and or transmission mounts are worn. When you replace the worn out rubber mount, much of the load is now supported by the new stiffer bushing and this can often lead to unwanted vibration, especially at idle on models equipped with automatic transmissions. It’s important to make sure that your other mounts are in good condition. 

Additionally, if you're replacing multiple upgraded polyurethane mounts this condition can be amplified. Firming up the engine mounting is a trade-off - better performance may come at the price of increased vibration and engine feel through the cabin.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

Some models may have had their stock mount replaced with the updated firewall mount design which is not compatible with this kit. Note the picture below, and identify the style of mount your vehicle has.


The original mount is shown left and the non compatible later mount is shown right.

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