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Nivomat Conversion Kit with Sachs Turbo Gas Shocks

IPD - 109629

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One Year Parts Warranty
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Genuine Volvo - 1329500, 1329507

Product Description

Some 700 and 900 series Volvos came from the factory with a self leveling rear suspension system called Nivomat. It is a fully self contained system that has no external parts like air compressors/lines/etc. The system uses special shocks with matching springs. It's a cool system when it all works right but eventually, things wear out and fail. When Nivomat shocks fail they stop being able to properly support the car. The springs used on Nivomat cars are much softer than what was used on "standard" rear suspension versions. That means that when your Nivomats fail the rear end of the car starts to sag. As the shocks wear out more the rear end just sags more and more. 

If your Volvo has failed or failing Nivomats you have two options. First is to replace the Nivomat shocks and retain the self leveling function. The downside of this option is Nivomats are an expensive damper. The other option is to replace both the Nivomat rear shocks and the springs with the "standard" version rear suspension and ditch the self leveling function. The upside of this is much more affordable replacement parts. 

This kit includes 2 Sachs (OEM shock manufacturer for Volvo) rear shocks and a pair of our IPD overload springs. Perfect for converting your Nivomat equipped Volvo wagon to a conventional shock and spring setup.

Additional Technical Information

We've kitted this conversion kit with our IPD HD Overload springs, on the assumption that cars equipped with Nivomats are used by customers who frequently haul heavy loads or tow. If you're not looking for this extra rear load capacity, consider a set of Lesjofors standard replacement or IPD sport lowering springs instead.

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