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Billet HD Turbo Performance Camshaft

IPD - 109328

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The ipd turbo performance cam provides increased power and torque on stock and modified B21FT, B23FT and B230FT engines. Compared to the stock T grind cam which starts losing power after 5000 rpm, the ipd turbo cam keeps on pulling up through the power band. We have seen 0-60mph times on a mildly modified 240 Turbo change from around 10 seconds to just over 7 seconds and 1/4 mile times have dropped nearly 3 seconds. Expect to see an average of 15-25HP increase on intercooled cars depending on modifications.

To provide you with the longest camshaft life, these are new machined billet camshafts. Typical stock camshafts are parkerized which is a thin, hardened layer on the outside of the camshaft. Under that the camshaft is a soft cast material. If any sort of debris comes in contact with the cam or it has some sort of irregular wear the camshaft can easily become compromised. Our new billet steel camshafts are a much tougher material and are hardened all the way through for better longevity and far lower wear. Simply put, this is a better built camshaft! 

• Cam intake lift .466" (11.95mm) intake duration 256°

• Cam Exhaust lift .466" (11.95mm) exhaust duration 256°

• Overlap – 32°

Easy install takes 2-3 hours. You may need to adjust the valve shims so it is a good idea to have a shim kit and tool available. Also a good time to install a new timing belt and seals.

Disclaimer: Performance products sold by IPD have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use, thus are designated for non-road or race track use only. Although every effort is made to maintain or improve upon the emissions standards and safety of your Volvo, some of our products may not be legal for street use in your region. IPD makes no claim of fitness or certification for such use and leave it up to you to research the laws of your region.

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