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Billet HD VX Street Performance Camshaft for Non-Turbos

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Excerpt from "The Volvo Performance Handbook" by Paul Grimshaw:

"An excellent modern example of a high-performance camshaft is Volvo's own "VX" design. Featuring moderate-to-high lift, fair overlap, and good duration the VX cam has been used as a direct replacement for the B230F's anaemic "M" camshaft. This cam/engine combination was marketed in Europe from 1992-1993 as the B230FX and featured a strong (136 ft-lb) flat torque curve from 2900 to 5400 RPM -- improving engine performance dramatically. Peak horsepower rose from 114 BHP to 136 BHP -- a 19% improvement!

What the numbers or power curves cannot accurately communicate is the willingness with which the VX-equipped B230F responds. The reaction to throttle input is far quicker, with none of the roughness over 4000 RPM that the "M" grind typically exhibits. having personally used the cam for some time, I can attest to little change in fuel economy or idle stability."

The IPD VX cam is based on Volvo's original VX camshaft that appeared in the European B230FX engine.

While this camshaft can be used with good results in both turbo and non-turbo applications, we recommend the VX camshaft for non-turbo models and recommend our 0256 Turbo camshaft for turbo models.

We recommend using the VX in Bosch LH-Jetronic or Regina fuel injected models.  It can also be used in 240 models with K-Jetronic fuel injections, but will idle rough (and may adversely affect idle emissions.)

To provide you with the longest camshaft life, these are new machined billet camshafts. Typical stock camshafts are parkerized which is a thin, hardened layer on the outside of the camshaft. Under that the camshaft is a soft cast material. If any sort of debris comes in contact with the cam or it has some sort of irregular wear the camshaft can easily become compromised. Our new billet steel camshafts are a much tougher material and are hardened all the way through for better longevity and far lower wear. Simply put, this is a better built camshaft! 

When installing this camshaft, you will need a cam cover gasket and will probably need to adjust the valves. Also a great time to install a new timing belt and seals. 


Lift Intake: 11.37mm
Lift Exhaust: 10.65mm
Intake duration: 245.4°
Exhaust duration: 236.2°
Overlap degrees: 13.8°

Disclaimer: Performance products sold by IPD have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use, thus are designated for non-road or race track use only. Although every effort is made to maintain or improve upon the emissions standards and safety of your Volvo, some of our products may not be legal for street use in your region. IPD makes no claim of fitness or certification for such use and leave it up to you to research the laws of your region.

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