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Front Oxygen Sensor

Bosch 15097 - 105688

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Genuine Volvo - 9202719, 1271939, 6842522, 9125580

Product Description


Most often the fault given from the on board diagnostic system is a fault with the oxygen sensor. It is important that the proper fuel mixture is maintained for optimum fuel efficiency. Be sure there are no other faults before replacing just the oxygen sensor.

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

These models use 2 oxygen sensors - one before the catalytic converter and one after. Applications are specific to each and are not interchangeable.

This sensor fits the front (before catalytic converter) position in the following models:

  • 1994-1995 850 non-turbo verify connector style (see below)
  • 1995-1997 850 non-turbo
  • 1994-1997 850 Turbo
  • 1998 C70
  • 1998 V70
  • 1998 S70

If you have a1994-1995 850 non-turbo, please reference the image below to determine the correct sensor for your car.


About Bosch

Bosch is a trusted world-renowned original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and parts supplier for almost every major manufacturer. IPD carries a wide variety of Bosch Volvo Parts branded parts for Volvo including ignition coils, distributor caps and rotors, spark plugs, rebuilt distributors, and other ignition and electrical sensor products.

Bosch is a trusted source by many vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, and others for their superior quality to other OEM suppliers and their long history or excellence. Bosch is the largest automotive parts organization in the world and is OEM to many of the top European, Domestic and Asian manufacturers.

Bosch earned its name and reputation in the industry by being the top source for engine management components such as ECU’s, starters, alternators, plugs, spark plugs, electrical components, oxygen sensors, fuel delivery parts and injection components. Along with those OEM and OES products they also have complete aftermarket programs in automotive filtration, brakes, HVAC management, along with a multitude of other programs.

IPD also supplies a wide range of OEM Bosch and OES Bosch products in brakes, filters, and many others. IPD supplies Bosch Volvo parts and also offers Bosch branded Audi parts, BMW parts, Mercedes parts, Mini parts, Saab parts, Volkswagen parts and more.

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