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Clutch Kit 1985-1987 740 B230F Non-Turbo

Sachs KF24205 - 101587

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When you are replacing your clutch, you should inspect and/or replace the following:

  • U-joints for smooth and tight operation,
  • Check the center driveline support and transmission mount for cracks or breaks in the rubber and, if oil soaked, replace.
  • Replace the pilot bearing and rear main seal and have the flywheel inspected for stress cracks and resurfaced.
  • Check transmission gaskets and seals (pinion seal too), and the condition of the wiring harness and switch functions.
  • Inspect clutch fork for cracks.
  • Don't forget to order a clutch alignment tool and remember that the drivelines are balanced and must go back together at the splined area in the same orientation as they were removed to prevent vibrations (always mark them for alignment before separating them). 

Additional Technical Information

The clutch and pressure plate are mechanically interchangeable between early (B21/B23) and later (B230) non-turbo M46 cars, but the throw-out / release bearings are different:

  • Early cars use a slot and tab style release bearing: the bearing is inserted in to the hole in the fork, and turned 90° so tabs hold it in place
  • Later cars use ball pivots on the fork which snap on to a spring clip on the bearing: press it in to the hole in the fork until the spring clip snaps in to place around the ball pivots

Early slot and tab bearing: Volvo OE # 3549881
Later spring clip bearing: Volvo OE # 3549391

If in doubt about your style of clutch, check your clutch release fork if the opening has ball pivots (later, spring clip style).

About Sachs

Sachs products are manufactured from high-quality materials, some items are offered in a heavier duty than factory spec. They stand for high performance and reliability always. This is why many well-known automotive manufacturers equip their vehicles with Sachs products as their OE trusted parts creator.

Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with Sachs dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line. Sachs offers high-quality clutches for OE manufacturers and the performance aftermarket market. 

We offer Sachs as a OE replacement supplier for your Volvo, as well as an upgrade for your Volvo's suspension pieces as well. 

Sachs has been trusted by many European companies, especially Volvo, for many years and whether or not your car came with Sachs, we trust their name in your Volvo today. 

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