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105054 - Aftermarket - Pre-Heat Hose - 946841

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    This aluminum flex hose often gets torn and ends up hanging from the left side of the engine compartment. The purpose of this hose, when hooked to the heat riser pipe on the exhaust, is to route warm air to the air filter box.

    When the ambient temperature is below about 40°F, hot air will be pulled in to the engine from around the hot exhaust manifold.  This is meant to help warm the engine up faster which reduces emissions.  It should also help prevent throttle valve icing.  A car with a broken preheat hose may fail emission testing or state inspection.

    When replacing this hose, you might also check the air filter box thermostat.  This thermostat regulates the temperature of the air entering the engine intake system.  Failure of this thermostat can cause Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF/AMS)  failure.  MAF sensors won't survive long under the extreme unregulated heat from the exhaust manifold.

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