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PCV Breather System Kit 1993-1997 850 Non-Turbo

IPD - 115322

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Kit includes all components needed to successfully replace your PCV system.

Our kit consists of:

  1. Coupler - 9146344
  2. PCV flame trap assembly - 1236143
  3. PCV tube - 9135636
  4. O-ring - 978111
  5. Dipstick tube seal - 30637865
  6. PCV o-ring - 978345
  7. Coupler - 9146488
  8. Vent hose to top of engine - 1271654
  9. Coupler - 9146489
  10. Connector hose - 8653339
  11. Vent hose - 1271771
  12. Vent hose - 9146757
  13. Oil trap - 9146756
  14. 5x injector base seal - 3528217
  15. 2x Hose clamp 20-32mm
  16. 6x Hose clamp 12-22mm
  17. Intake manifold gasket - 9146266
  18. Intake manifold gasket - 1275055
  19. Oil filler cap seal - 940096
  20. Breather hose - 1306931
  21. Set of 5 upgraded viton fuel injector seals
  22. 1 foot of silicone vacuum line
  23. 1 foot of 12mm braided vent hose
  24. Supplemental informational/install info sheet


Potential Product Fitment Issues

PLEASE NOTE: This PCV kit contains more parts than you will actually need to service your PCV system.

There are several variations of the PCV system on 850 non-turbo models. This kit includes parts for all these engine variations but will have some parts that will not be used on your particular engine application.  You will need to carefully note the parts that come off your engine so that you install the correct new parts back on it.

Many of the original parts for this PCV system are no longer available from Volvo.  We are using as many OE Volvo parts as we can source for this kit but there are some aftermarket parts included. Since many of the original parts are no longer available, You will end up having to improvise with some aspects of the installation.

Early cars with LH fuel injection typically use a vent tube that runs from the oil separator through the intake runners between cylinder 2 & 3 and runs up and over the intake manifold over to the black plastic accordian intake tube. When servicing the PCV, it is best to use the original routing as running under the intake can interfere with the variable intake runner mechanism.

Later Motronic cars typically use a vent tube that runs underneath the intake from the oil separator to the black plastic accordian intake tube.  The OE vent tube is no longer available from Volvo but we have included additional hoses that will allow you to cut the provided plastic vent tube and use it as couplers for the rubber hose.

Early and late cars use different black plastic accordian intake tubes. The tubes only vary in the angle that the PCV fitting connects to the tube.  The early style angles up for over manifold routing and the later style angles down for under manifold routing.  There may also be some variation with cars that have exhaust air (smog) pumps.


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