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Fuel Pump Kit (includes insulating spacer)

Aftermarket - 109327

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Genuine Volvo 1336184

Product Description


An inherently reliable part, a fuel pump often goes unrecognized as a long-lasting performer until it leaves you stranded. Then it becomes clear that even the most reliable parts have a life span. This pump kit includes the correct spacer and a gasket for either side for proper installation.

Additional Technical Information

The carbs on B18s and B20s are very sensitive to overpressure, which is compounded by fuel heat-soaking and expanding in the fuel lines routed over the hot parts of the engine and in the carburetor itself in direct contact with the hot intake manifold. If you have problems with fuel overflowing out of your float bowl, it could therefore be a pump overpressure issue, a fuel heat soak/expansion issue, or a combination of the two. 

See Recommended Products below for an in-line fuel pressure regulator and for a phenolic spacer to reduce carb temperatures. Rerouting/insulation of the pressurized fuel line to an area where it won't heat soak over the engine is also recommended.

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