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Volvo Chemical Gasket Sealer

Genuine Volvo 30644517 - 113027

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Genuine Volvo
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Genuine Volvo 30644517

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Around 1988, Volvo started using chemical gasket sealant in place of many gaskets in a variety of places on engine and drive train parts. Later models use it almost exclusively (paper style gaskets aren't available for many parts.)

This is the OEM Volvo factory anaerobic sealer, the same stuff that's used on the engine assembly line.

Use on (aluminum) oil pans, camshaft covers, timing covers, etc.  Anywhere that you are mating two flat machined surfaces together.

It is ideal for sealing torsion-resistant metal parts that have flat surfaces. 

Use by applying a thin, even film to the flat surfaces being mated and bolt/attach together.

This is a 50mL bottle, roughly three times that of the Mahle 14mL tube. Use this for larger jobs, such as replacing a cylinder head or oil pan.

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Additional Technical Information

This anaerobic sealant does not require oxygen to cure, and is pressure-activated when squeezed between two flat metal surfaces. Do not use between a surface and a rubber, paper, or cork gasket, such as with water pump, valve cover, or oil pan gaskets; if there's a gasket between the mating surfaces, use silicone RTV instead.

About Genuine Volvo

Everything IPD supplies under the "Genuine Volvo" designation are the factory original Volvo parts. These are the same quality parts that you will get in the blue Volvo branded box from a dealership. All Volvo supplied Genuine Volvo parts are made to specifications by Volvo and under their strict quality control guidelines.

Volvo relies on high-quality OEM manufactures such as Lemforder, Behr, Sachs, Bosch, Valeo, Siemens, VDO, Corteco, and many more to maintain its dedication to quality and safety.

IPD is the exclusive North American distributor for Genuine Classic Volvo parts outside of the Volvo Dealership network. We are proud of our Volvo heritage dating back to 1963, a reputation that is unmatched by others in the industry.

Many may not know this but Volvo in Latin roughly translates to "to roll".  The company was founded back in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson as a spin-off from ball-bearing manufacturer SKF.  While the Volvo logo looks like the biology symbol for male, it's really the Swedish symbol for Iron. With a nod to its heritage in alloys, Volvo chose a logo that depicted a ring bisecting at one o’clock. Today Volvo is known around the world as one of the most iconic brands known for safety, longevity, and its enthusiast following.

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