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30 Piece Fuse Kit for 240 & 260 (Thermal Plastic)

Flosser - 105869

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The European ceramic style fuses used in all Volvos 1962 to 1993 (except the 700 & 900 series) are getting very difficult to find.  We are currently supplying Thermal Plastic fuses in their place.

The fuse panels in these models are known for corrosion problems, which can lead to intermittent electrical failure. A good solution is to clean all the fuse holders with a wire brush & replace all the old fuses with new fuses that have had the contact points coated with dielectric grease. This should provide years of trouble-free service.

For reference, most 1981 and newer models have eleven eight-amp (white), five 16-amp (red) and one 25-amp (blue) fuse. Most 240s from 1975-1980 have seven eight-amp and five 16-amp fuses.

30-Piece Fuse Kit Contains: (15) 8-amp fuses, (10) 16-amp fuses, (5) 25-amp fuses

Potential Product Fitment Issues

We have been unable to source the original ceramic copper style fuses for this application for some time now.

These are hard thermal plastic fuses with aluminum elements.

About Flosser

"Made in Quality - not just words, but a dedication." Flosser is from Trier/Germany where they have been supplying automotive lighting products related to the safety of driving for over 50 years: bulbs for cars, motor-cycles, trucks and buses, fuses, relays and also signal horns. Not only is FLÖSSER known for high quality products, but also for providing customised service. 


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