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HD Poly Engine Accessory Mounting Bushing

MTC - VU482 - 463909 - 112309

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1378153, 463909, 5141378153, 70453002500, 70453002738

Product Description


Stop squealing belts easily in your Volvo by replacing worn mounting bushings. As the rubber bushing wears, the pulley comes out of alignment with the crankshaft and causes the belt to squeal. You can confirm this by inspecting the belts from the driver or passenger side and sighting down the belt to the crankshaft.

These bushings are used on the alternator and power steering pump mounting brackets. Depending on the year and model, you might need three or more to repair your problem. Be sure to check the quantity you need before ordering.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

240 1976-84 w/o AC
Alternator: 3
Power Steering Pump: 4
A/C Compressor: 0

240 1976-84 w/AC
Alternator: 3
Power steering pump: 4
A/C Compressor: 0

240 1985-93w/AC
Alternator: 3
Power Steering Pump: 3
A/C Compressor: 3-4

740,940 w/AC
Alternator: 3
Power Steering Pump: 0
A/C Compressor: 4

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Today, MTC produces parts in its state of the art factory and through partner factories located worldwide producing high-quality automotive parts and accessories. 

All MTC parts come with a 12-month unlimited miles warranty. This warranty applies to all products supplied by MTC such as oil pans, control arms, engine mounts, sensors, and many more. 

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