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IPD Black Boost Gauge & Pod Kit P3 S60 V70 XC60 V60 XC70

IPD - 141711

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Paying attention to your gauges in your vehicle has become second nature when driving your car.  If you're like most of us, you want to know what's going on with your car at all times.  A boost gauge can tell you many things, but there's one problem, your car doesn't come equipped with a boost gauge!  IPD has assembled a kit that includes the gauge, pod, and wiring harness to solve this problem.  

IPD's boost gauge and pod kit allows you to cleanly install an accurate turbo gauge in your S60, V60, XC60, and XC70. An accurate boost gauge can provide important information relating to turbo and engine performance.

The formed dashboards in these cars can make it difficult to add auxiliary instrumentation. Our exclusive dash pod allows clean mounting of a gauge next to the driver's A pillar.

The illuminated 52mm vacuum boost gauge in the kit functions well within the operating range of these models. Gauge reads from 30 inches of vacuum to 30 PSI of boost. Installation hardware is included with gauge pod.

IPD's kit comes with two "Push to Connect" style connectors.  One is located on the back of the gauge, the other is integrated into the vacuum T-Fitting eliminating the use of compression fittings.  Using "Push to Connect" hose connections make the job much faster, cleaner, and easier!

 Kit includes gauge, pod, all mounting hardware, electrical connecttions and "Push to Connect" hose connectors. A complete solution for adding our boost gauge to your Volvo.  Our product page also includes an installation video to help you install this kit.  

*Due to differences in the dash, this kit will not fit models outside the application range listed with this product. Gauge pod only fits models listed in the vehicle applications but gauge is available separately for those that want to custom mount them to any model. See comparable products tab above.

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