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Rain Squeal Exhaust Bracket, AWD - P2 S60R V70R S60 V70 XC70

Aftermarket - URO011287 - 30793794 - 141575

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30676687, 30742265, 30793794

Product Description


A service kit from APA UroParts, designed to address "rain squeal" on P2 AWD cars. Primarily an issue on the S60R and V70R due to their large-diameter exhaust, the proximity of the exhaust to the propshaft means thermal expansion/contraction of the exhaust could sometimes cause it to flex towards the propshaft and temporarily make contact until it evently heats up and returns to its original shape.

The short version: drive through a puddle, and the splash of cold water on hot exhaust will bend it in to the driveshaft and give you a nice screeching noise.

IPD's oval tube stainless steel exhaust is oval instead of round primarily to give enough clearance to avoid the propshaft, but if you want to retain your factory exhaust, you can use this service kit instead. This add-on kit includes an exhaust clamp, rubber hangers, and a bracket, holding your exhaust down and keeping rain squeal at bay. 

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