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CHF 11S Synthetic Mineral Oil Power Steering Fluid

Pentosin - 1405116 - G002000 - 216096

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00004320333, 00004320656, 00004330574, 001989240312, 1161317, 1161529, 11S, 3032380, 3050917303, 30741424, 6162, 81221468879, 81229407025, 81229407549, 81229407549A, 81229468879, 82110148132, 82111468041, 97506002280, 97533006176, 97554001348, 97554003348, CHF11SRED, CHF2021L, G002000, G002000GF, G004000M2

Product Description


This full synthetic hydraulic mineral oil by Pentosin was specified as the factory fill power steering fluid in many FWD and AWD Volvos from the P2 generation onwards.

Additional Keywords: PS 211

Potential Product Fitment Issues

As the recommended power steering fluid changed over the years, please check the cap of your power steering fluid reservoir for the correct recommended fluid: either hydraulic mineral oil like this CHF 11S, or automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

This fluid can be mixed with CHF 202 or the Volvo OE mineral oil based power steering fluid, but should not be mixed with ATF or conventional power steering fluids.

About Pentosin

Pentosin makes the Volvo OE fluids. Pentosin makes OE fluid for most German and Swedish made vehicles. It is usually suggested not to replace Pentosin with any other brand. If your car uses Pentosin, only use it and you won't have any problems. 

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