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LiquiMoly SpecialTec AA - 5W-30 Full Synthetic

Liqui Moly - 20136 - 141195

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This oil by LiquiMoly meets API specification GF-6A, and is fully backwards compatible with applications calling for GF-5 rated oils. Using quality synthetic base stocks, anti-wear additives, and detergents, it gives you the fluid film thickness and wear protection of your Red Block or White Block's original oil, but with the lower pumping losses, friction, and resistance to shear/breakdown of the best modern low-viscosity oils.

Additionally, this SpecialTec AA formulation meets Ford specifications WSS-M2C 946-A, WSS-M2C 961-A1, and WSS-M2C 946-B1, which specifically includes the "Compact Five" 2.4i and T5 and the "Short Six" 3.2i and T6 engines.

Whether it's for an old 940 or for a new S80, we think this is a great oil to keep your Volvo running smoothly.

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Additional Technical Information

For 3.2i, T6 (from 2007+), and V8 engines, Volvo recommends a 0W-30 or 0W-40 full synthetic oil for "severe conditions", such as temperatures regularly below freezing, towing, or mountain driving. If your Volvo sees these conditions, we suggest an oil like Total Quartz Ineo Efficiency 0W-30 or LiquiMoly SpecialTec V 0W-30.

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