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T6 3.0 / 3.2i SI6 Lower Accessory Pulley Removal Tool

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On Volvo's 3.2i and 3.0 T6 engines (as found in P3 cars and the P2 XC90), the accessory belt drive has been relocated from the end of the engine to above the transmission, with a belt drive behind it driving the water pump and A/C compressor, and a smaller pulley along the front side of the engine driving the alternator.

Both of these two parts of the accessory drive have one-way, freewheeling clutches in the pulleys, allowing the belts and accessories to spin down gradually when RPMs drop off. The accessories spinning down allows them to keep working under their own inertia, saving a bit of fuel while also subjecting the belts to gentler shock loads.

If you're hearing pulley bearing failure noises like squeaks or rattles or grinds, and especially if those noises are slightly delayed after revving the engine, these pulleys are worth replacing. This special tool by CTA engages the splines on the READ (Rear Engine Accessory Drive) pulley while the center torx counterholds the READ shaft, allowing you to unscrew and remove the pulley. If you're replacing the pulley or the seal underneath, this tool is a must-have!

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

For alternators or accessory shafts with torx T50 shaft counterholds. If yours has an XZN/triple square counterhold (or if you're not sure which it has), use this toolkit instead.

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