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Sachs Dual-Mass Flywheel, P1 T5 and P2 2.5T/T5

Sachs - 2294001348 - 31259452 - 140876

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30681137, 31259452, 415031110, 4150311100, DMF137, DMF91186

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When replacing your clutch, your flywheel should have its mating surface refinished or else the flywheel should also be replaced with the clutch. For clutch longevity, a good mating surface is important to avoid glazing or hotspots.

Modern manual Volvos mainly come with dual-mass flywheels, where the inner mating surface is sprung and the outer flywheel with tone ring is fixed to the car's crankshaft. When you let out the clutch pedal, this sprung inner surface rotates a little before the spring takes up the slack, making clutch engagement smoother and noise-free.

The downside of these so-called DMFs is complexity. When it comes time to machine the inner mating surface back to perfect smoothness, not all machine shops have the special kind of lathe needed to hold the inner surface still while machining it. Additionally, the spring mechanism can wear over time, with most manufacturers advising replacement if the inner surface has more than 90° of rotational play when spun by hand.

This brand new flywheel, made by OE supplier Sachs, is just the thing to get your car back together and on the road. It fits the OE clutch disc and pressure plate perfectly, taking the uncertainty out of your clutch installation.

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

For P2 S60 and V70s with the B5244T4 and B5244T5 engine, this fits up to and including engine serial number 4281799. Please check your engine serial number before ordering.

About Sachs

Sachs products are manufactured from high-quality materials, some items are offered in a heavier duty than factory spec. They stand for high performance and reliability always. This is why many well-known automotive manufacturers equip their vehicles with Sachs products as their OE trusted parts creator.

Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with Sachs dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line. Sachs offers high-quality clutches for OE manufacturers and the performance aftermarket market. 

We offer Sachs as a OE replacement supplier for your Volvo, as well as an upgrade for your Volvo's suspension pieces as well. 

Sachs has been trusted by many European companies, especially Volvo, for many years and whether or not your car came with Sachs, we trust their name in your Volvo today. 

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