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IPD Bilstein HD Loaded Quick Strut 850/S70/V70 1994-00/C70 1998-04 STD Height

271831 - 140280

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22230959, 271831, 271833, 3546835, 3546900, 38153001247, 38153001355, 38153001448, 38153001500, 5266130000, 553058, 6816319, 8600901, 8612887, 9140070, 9140072, 9173314, 9173850, 9191419, VNE4579BE

Product Description


Modern cars are complex and intricately engineered, with even the average family sedan having something like 30,000 individual parts. Automakers increasingly try to control costs through more use of modular component assemblies: with so many different parts coming together on the assembly line, combining complete sub-assemblies saves time and labor costs.

One of the modular assemblies that is becoming more common for popular cars is the loaded coil spring/strut assembly. A loaded strut may may be more expensive than buying the individual springs, struts, mounts, bearings, and other hardware piece-by-piece, but the added time, expertise, and tools needed to compress the spring and assemble all the components adds many hours and results in a higher repair bill.

If you're doing the install yourself, a loaded strut gives you a safety advantage as well. Suspension springs bear the complete weight of the car and take hundreds of pounds of force to compress even an inch, making the use of a spring compressor to hold back thousands of pounds of force while you tighten everything down a sweaty, nerve-wracking experience.

Our loaded struts arrive assembled, spring and mount and all, making installation doable with basic hand tools to fasten the few bolts at the top of the mount and at the wheel hub. Avoid the dangers of spring compressors while having confidence in original or better quality components.

Each Quick Strut assembly features an OE grade Bilstein B6 HD strut, our own IPD HD spring seats, and springs of real Swedish steel. For optimum comfort and handling, we strongly recommend replacing springs and struts in pairs.

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