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Brake Fluid Flush Kit

IPD Kit Builder - K21748

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Motive Power Brake Pressure Bleeder
(Select Optional Component)
  • Motive Power Brake Pressure Bleeder for Volvo - 0100Available to Order (Typically available to ship within two weeks)+$60.95More info
Motive Power Brake Bleeder Catch Bottle
(Select Optional Component)
  • Motive Power Brake Bleeder Catch Bottle - 1810Available to Order (Typically available to ship within two weeks)+$29.94More info
Bosch Extended Service Brake Fluid
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  • Motul DOT3, DOT4 & DOT5.1 Brake Fluid, 0.5L - 100951 - OE Fluids XREFIn Stock+$20.38More info
  • Bosch ESI6 Extended Service Brake Fluid - ESI632NAvailable to Order (Typically available to ship within two weeks)+$23.95More info
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Brake Bleeding Power for Do-it-Yourselfers!

The Motive power bleeder system allows Do-It-Yourselfers to power bleed brake systems just like the pros without the need of an assistant to pump the brakes. This is important for two reasons. First, it allows the fluid to be bled without the brake pedal going all the way to the floor, which allows the master cylinder piston to travel beyond the normal stroke and can lead to premature failure of the master cylinder. Second, many of today’s newer ABS systems are so intricate that they can only be bled with a power bleeder.

The Motive bleeder is designed for frequent use and has a rugged container and generous 2 qt. fluid capacity, as well as a built-in hand pump and gauge for accurate pressurizing. The system works on the principle of pressurizing the master cylinder so that old brake fluid is forced out of the lines when the bleed screws are opened. The design keeps the master cylinder full of fluid during the process so all you have to do is open a bleed screw until fresh fluid is flowing and then proceed to the next bleeder. This tool makes the task of bleeding brakes or other hydraulic systems an almost effortless, foolproof operation. Gone is the frustration of trying to coordinate pumping the pedal, opening and closing the bleed valve, trying to keep the fluid in the master cylinder at the correct level, and keeping air out of the system.

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