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PCV Breather System Kit Builder 2005-2009 P2 S60 S80 V70 XC70 XC90 Turbo 5 Cylinder

IPD Kit Builder - K21637

Breather System Kit
(Select Optional Component)
  • 139868 - IPD - PCV Breather System Kit 2005-2009 P2 S60 S80 V70 XC70 XC90 Turbo 5 Cylinder [1]In Stock+$239.90More info
  • 115031 - Genuine Volvo - PCV Breather System Kit 2005-2009 P2 S60 S80 V70 XC70 XC90 Turbo 5 Cylinder [1]In Stock+$396.95More info
Oil Sump O-ring Kit (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 112782 - Genuine Volvo - Oil Sump O-Ring & Gasket Kit [1]In Stock+$33.95More info
  • 124721 - MTC - Oil Sump O-Ring & Gasket Kit [1]In Stock+$14.35More info
Oil Cooler Seals (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 125945 - Genuine Volvo - Engine Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal [2]In Stock+$23.70More info
  • 241502 - MTC - Oil Cooler Seal [2]In Stock+$6.58More info
Oil Level Sensor O-ring (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 115750 - Genuine Volvo - Engine Oil Level Sensor O-ring Seal [1]Available to Order (Ships in about 4 days)+$19.15More info
Liquid Gasket Sealant (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 113027 - Genuine Volvo - Volvo Chemical Gasket Sealer [1]In Stock+$38.55More info
  • 124841 - Mahle - Anaerobic Sealer Chemical Gasket [1]Available to Order (Ships in about 10 days)+$7.95More info
Oil Cooler Hose (inlet) (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 114469 - Genuine Volvo - Engine Oil Cooler Hose [1]Available to Order (Ships in about 4 days)+$31.74More info
  • 115312 - Aftermarket - Engine Oil Cooler Hose [1]Available to Order (Ships in about 10 days)+$11.90More info
Oil Cooler Hose (outlet) (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 114468 - MTC - Engine Oil Cooler Hose [1]In Stock+$12.90More info
Oil Cooler Hose Clamps (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 114474 - Genuine Volvo - Engine Oil Cooler Hose Clamp [4]In Stock+$16.84More info
Cam Seal - Front (CVVT side) (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 125939 - Genuine Volvo - Front Camshaft Seal for Cam with CVVT Cam Gear Actuator [2]In Stock+$55.10More info
  • 112310 - Corteco - Front Camshaft Seal for Cam with CVVT Cam Gear Actuator [2]In Stock+$14.80More info
  • 123918 - Mahle - Front Camshaft Seal for Cam With CVVT Cam Gear Actuator [2]Available to Order (Ships in about 10 days)+$19.90More info
  • 139601 - SKF - Front Camshaft Seal for Cam with CVVT Cam Gear Actuator [2]In Stock+$15.90More info
Cam Seal - Rear (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 236065 - Genuine Volvo - Rear Camshaft Seal [1]In Stock+$22.45More info
  • 112312 - Elring - Rear Camshaft Seal [1]In Stock+$3.95More info
  • 124732 - Corteco - Rear Camshaft Seal [1]In Stock+$8.18More info
  • 139588 - SKF - Rear Camshaft Seal [1]In Stock+$5.49More info
Cam Cap/Plug (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 115772 - Genuine Volvo - Cam Hole Plug/Cap [1]In Stock+$6.97More info
  • 125617 - Aftermarket - Cam Hole Plug/Cap [1]In Stock+$2.60More info
CVVT Solenoid Gasket (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 139513 - Genuine Volvo - CVVT Solenoid Gasket [2]Available to Order (Ships in about 4 days)+$15.90More info
  • 114726 - Aftermarket - Cam Adjustment Actuator Solenoid Gasket CVVT [2]In Stock+$6.98More info
Oil Cap Gasket (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 125736 - Genuine Volvo - Oil Filler Cap Seal [1]In Stock+$6.99More info
  • 115315 - IPD - HD Viton Oil Cap Seal [1]In Stock+$6.95More info
  • 101472 - Aftermarket - Oil Filler Cap Seal [1]In Stock+$0.64More info
Spark Plug Hole Seal (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 121220 - Mahle - Spark Plug Hole Seal [5]In Stock+$3.75More info
  • 235370 - Genuine Volvo - SPARK PLUG TUBE SEAL [5]Available to Order (Ships in about 4 days)+$27.60More info
Oil Filter (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • 125731 - Genuine Volvo - Oil Filter Cartridge [1]In Stock+$10.95More info
  • 125701 - Bosch - Oil Filter Cartridge 72206WS [1]Available to Order (Ships in about 14 days)+$4.95More info
  • 103882 - Mahle - Oil Filter Cartridge OX149D [1]In Stock+$4.59More info
  • 104740 - Mahle - Oil Filter 3 Pack with Drain Plug Washers Kit OX149D [1]In Stock+$15.57More info
  • 114817 - Mahle - Oil Filter Cap Wrench Starter Kit with 3 Filters [1]In Stock+$21.95More info
  • 107892 - Mahle - Case of 10 Mahle Oil Filters & Washers Kit OX149D [1]In Stock+$49.95More info

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Additional Technical Information

Common issues with Volvo PCV Systems:

There are a couple of things that get overlooked in the PCV system issue. The lifespan of PCV components varies widely based on operating conditions.


Usage: The PCV system likes to be used at higher RPM for long periods of times (like a trip on the freeway). It also likes higher temperatures to help vaporize the negative contamination in the oil and burn it through the PCV. But in the other direction, a car that is used in a cooler environment and shorter distances will load up and plug/fail the system rapidly. We have an employee who completely rebuilt their PCV system in their daily commuter about every 18 months, due to the cool/damp environment and a 7 mile commute on surface streets.

Wear: The contaminants in the oil are volatized and burned up by the PCV system. But, the amount of blow-by in an engine (the primary source of contaminants) changes dramatically as the engine goes through its life cycle. So, the amount of contamination the PCV system is required to handle in a 300k engine is dramatically different from the contaminants in a 100k engine.

Final: Kind of a combination of both of the above topics. The majority of contamination and plugging in your system happens during warm-up. This is why cars that are used for short distances need so much more PCV work. So you can’t really measure life cycle of PCV components in miles, but they are really measured in key cycles (temperature cycles).

If you have any further comments, questions or concerns about the PCV System in your Volvo, please contact our customer service team at 800-444-6473 or by email at

Check out our Blog on the Volvo PCV System here:

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