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AOC Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 Differential Service Kit Builder - S40 S60 S80 V50 V70 XC70 XC90

IPD Kit Builder - K21627

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Haldex Differential Filter Kit
(Select Optional Component)
  • Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 Filter Kit for Volvo - Aftermarket - 171396 - 30787687 - 125785In Stock+$18.95More info
  • Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 Filter Kit - Genuine Volvo - 30787687 - 124472In Stock+$44.49More info
Haldex AOC Fluid
(Select Optional Component)
  • Haldex AOC (Active On-Demand Coupling) Fluid for Volvo - Rein - FLDF003 - 31367941 - 141219In Stock+$34.95More info
  • Haldex AOC (Active On-Demand Coupling) Fluid, 1 Liter for Volvo - FEBI - 101171 - 31367941 - 140812In Stock+$36.95More info
  • Haldex AOC (Active On Demand Coupling) Fluid - Genuine Volvo - 31367941 - 121132In Stock+$47.49More info
Fluid Syringe (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Fluid Syringe - Wilmar (Performance Tool) - W54220 - 105306Available to Order (Typically available to ship within two weeks)+$12.95More info
Differential Oil Pump (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 AOC Rear Differential Oil Pump - Genuine Volvo - 30783079 - 124471In Stock+$482.09More info
  • Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 Pump Kit for Volvo - BorgWarner - DS118611 - 30783079 - 140806In Stock+$314.12More info
  • Haldex 2 / Haldex 3 AOC Differential Oil Pump for Volvo - Aftermarket - 171663 - 30783079 - 141251In Stock+$133.95More info
Input Flange / Pinion Seal (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Haldex 2, 3 & 4 AOC Flange Input Pinion Seal Kit for Volvo - Corteco - 82034114 - 8675238 - 141943In Stock+$25.95More info
  • Haldex 2, 3 & 4 AOC Flange Input Pinion Seal Kit - Genuine Volvo - 32240128 - 125178In Stock+$45.35More info
Differential Electronic Module Cover (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Differential Electronic Module Cover (DEM) - P1 P2 P3 AWD for Volvo - IPD - 120374In Stock+$74.90More info
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If your AWD Volvo has unexpectedly left you stranded in slippery conditions, it's possible your car's AWD needs service.

Modern Volvos use a system called Haldex to engage the rear wheels when the front wheels start to slip. 

A cutaway diagram of the Active On-Demand Coupling

This Haldex system relies on a multi-plate clutch in the rear of the car, also called the Active On-Demand Coupling (AOC). When the system detects front wheel spin, valves open and allow pressurized oil to clamp the clutch down, hooking up the rear wheels and getting you moving again.

The system relies on oil pressure as high as 80 bar (1100psi!) to cycle the hydraulic clutch, and just like any system that pumps oil around, regular fluid and filter changes are recommended. For Haldex, we suggest changing the fluid and filter every 50,000 miles

A clogged (and failed!) Haldex pump

If fluid changes are neglected, the filter can start to get clogged and the Haldex pump has to work harder and harder until it eventually burns out: you'll suddenly get lots of front wheel spin, and when scanned the car will have pump error codes from the DEM, such as DEM-0006.

Use IPD's Kit Builder to pick the parts you need to get your car back on the road and conquering all terrain and all weathers!

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