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Rebuilt ABS Brake Module 2WD 2002 S60 S80 V70

Xemodex - 86714570024C - 140092

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Antilock Brake Systems or ABS is an integral part of the safety of your car. Stopping a car on a slippery surface or in a panic situation can cause us to quickly appreciate ABS. These systems work with the aide of sensors at the wheels, computers and control modules. ABS allows us to slow and stop a car in the event the tires lose traction with the ground no matter the surface or conditions.

When the ABS system does not work properly we are not reaping the full advantage of a major safety system. To ensure you are getting the most out of this feature, make sure your TRACS or ABS light is off.

During the rebuild process at Xemodex, all internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any known prone to failure parts that are close to the maximum tolerance are automatically replaced. After that all modules undergo rigorous tests on Xemodex's specialized custom built CAN-Bus driven test bed. All functions, DTC’s, software are checked and verified for proper operation. 

IPD offers a 1 year warranty on these, and Xemodex ABS control modules are further covered by the manufacturer under Xemodex's lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own the car.

Don't forget you'll need an external Torx socket to replace this module!

Potential Product Fitment Issues

To ensure correct fitment, please verify the part number on the unit that is currently in your car. This should fit the following FWD models with STC/DSTC:

  • S60: from chassis number 92352 and up
  • V70: from chassis number 171125 and up
  • S80: from chassis number 240000 and up

Check the alternate numbers listed, match up your part number with one of the "alternate" numbers listed. The number is located on the underside of the unit and is not easily viewed, but you can usually see it with a mirror and a flashlight. ipd cannot accept returned units that have been damaged by installation on the wrong vehicle. Please verify part numbers.

The same physical ABS module is used on multiple Volvo models and trims, with different software loaded based on things like model year or FWD vs AWD. This module comes preloaded by Xemodex with software for 2002 FWD models; if you're using it for a different car that also uses 8671457, you'll also need to load the software for that car with VIDA.

Please note: IPD cannot process any warranty claims on XemodeX products. Any/All warranty claims must be done directly with XemodeX.  Their helpful customer service department will gladly work with you to determine the problem and will send you a replacement if necessary.

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About Xemodex

Xemodex began by remanufacturing ABS modules for the Volvo 850 and 70 series in 2006. Their goal was not to be the cheapest, but rather to be the best by delivering quality products that actually work.

Today Xemodex manufactures and remanufactures hundreds of different electronic modules primarily for Volvo vehicles.

While most Xemodex products are "plug and play" some products bought will need to have vehicle specific software loaded at your local dealership or Volvo specialty shop. Yes, your dealership will reflash these products. Please read each product information to make sure that you are aware of your product needing to be reflashed by the dealership or not. 

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