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139687 - Aftermarket - Crankcase Breather System Service Kit - 200 700 900 1988-1995

This product is specific to particular car models. Please check fitment for your car before buying.

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    The breather systems on these overhead cam Volvo motors are an often overlooked component under the hood of these models but can cause major issues if not addressed. A clogged breather box or flame trap can cause positive crankcase pressure which then starts pushing out on all the seals and gaskets within your engine. Worst case scenario if this pressure goes unchecked it can pop a seal out leaving a huge mess and a bigger headache. 

    We've constructed this handy kit to service the main components of this crankcase ventilation system and take the guess work out of which components you need for your Volvo. This is a go to kit for someone who has never serviced this system on their Volvo before or if your car is coming up on major milesone for the system to be serviced. We recommend the flame trap to be cleaned and inspected every 10k miles and the breather box replaced every 50-70k miles. 

    Kit includes:
    • A plastic flame trap
    • Flame trap coupler hose
    • Flame trap housing
    • A flame trap breather box
    • Breather box O ring

    We also carry the hose which runs from the flame trap housing to the plastic inlet pipe which should be inspected when the flame trap is serviced. See recommended/ comparable products tab for this hose. 

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    Additional Technical Information

    Common issues with Volvo PCV Systems:

    There are a couple of things that get overlooked in the PCV system issue. The lifespan of PCV components varies widely based on operating conditions.


    Usage: The PCV system likes to be used at higher RPM for long periods of times (like a trip on the freeway). It also likes higher temperatures to help vaporize the negative contamination in the oil and burn it through the PCV. But in the other direction, a car that is used in a cooler environment and shorter distances will load up and plug/fail the system rapidly. We have an employee who completely rebuilt their PCV system in their daily commuter about every 18 months, due to the cool/damp environment and a 7 mile commute on surface streets.

    Wear: The contaminants in the oil are volatized and burned up by the PCV system. But, the amount of blow-by in an engine (the primary source of contaminants) changes dramatically as the engine goes through its life cycle. So, the amount of contamination the PCV system is required to handle in a 300k engine is dramatically different from the contaminants in a 100k engine.

    Final: Kind of a combination of both of the above topics. The majority of contamination and plugging in your system happens during warm-up. This is why cars that are used for short distances need so much more PCV work. So you can’t really measure life cycle of PCV components in miles, but they are really measured in key cycles (temperature cycles).

    If you have any further comments, questions or concerns about the PCV System in your Volvo, please contact our customer service team at 800-444-6473 or by email at sales@ipdusa.com

    Check out our Blog on the Volvo PCV System here:

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