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Air Conditioning Delete Bracket Kit - 240 - B21/B23

IPD - 139672

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Let's face it, although your old Swede might run forever, the AC equipped with it from the factory is a different case altogether. Volvo models prior to 1993 used a refrigerant in their AC systems called R12 which has now become illegal to use due to the toxicity of the refrigerant. Since this refrigerant isn't available to purchase, the AC systems on most of these models are non functional and the AC compressor is simply a means for you to route your power steering belt; acting as just a pulley. The problem here lies that as these systems age the pulleys can lock up causing them to throw the v belts on the compressor which then causes you to lose power steering as this belt is run off of the compressor also.  

We've seen some interesting, creative ways to address this issue but really haven't found anything we've been happy with. STS Machining right here in Oregon has developed a bracket kit to remove your factory AC/ power steering bracket setup and bolt on this kit. This kit takes the compressor out of the equation in terms of accessory drive and relocates your power steering bracket to the side of the engine with a factory style adjustment system. One belt runs between the crankshaft and power steering pump, allowing you to retain power steering function and removing the risk and "dead weight" of the AC compressor. All of the brackets are also corrosion resistant for longevity in whatever climate you live in. We've also added in installation instructions of the new bracket set, a V belt and some additional hardware to make the swap as straightforward as possible. 

Do note that we do leave the deletion of the the factory air conditioning system up to you. You can go as far as removing the whole system or just removing the compressor from the system.

We also recommend having a service shop purge your system of any remaining refrigerant prior to removal of any AC components as there may be refrigerant in your system under pressure and is a toxic chemical.

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

This kit fits all 200 series models fitted with power steering pumps with a press on pulley. Generally these are only fitted to models 1985 and later. Earlier models were fitted with a pump with a pulley mounted with four bolts. Although the bracket will bolt to the block of any B21, B23, or B230, the mounting system on the pumps themselves are different. Ensure that your pump is as one of the two pumps pictured center or left. If your pump is the earlier, four bolt mount system pictured on the right use IPD # 106153 instead.

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