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PCV Oil Trap Assembly - P2 P3 3.2L 6 Cylinder Non-Turbo

Aftermarket - 171422 - 31319642 - 125910

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14553028001, 30731234, 30757662, 30788481, 31319642, LR004300, LR006860, LR009326, LR023777

Product Description


Internal combustion engines aren't perfectly sealed on the inside: as every cylinder fires, a little bit of combustion gases escape down in to the crankcase. If you've ever had your oil cap off while the engine is running and you feel little puffs of air in time with engine rotation above the opening, you're seeing this "blow-by" firsthand.

Enter the PCV, or "positive crankcase ventilation": by hooking up hoses and valves to the engine's air intake, these gases can be sucked out of the crankcase by intake vacuum and burned inside the engine. Capturing and burning these blowby gases not only makes the engine runs cleaner, but keeps pressure from building up inside your engine; a failed or plugged PCV is the root cause of many oil leaks, as that pressure buildup will eventually start pushing seals out.

Modern Volvos draw a lot of vacuum through the PCV from the intake, so a healthy, self-regulating PCV is important not just for preventing excess crankcase pressure, but also for keeping crankcase vacuum from getting too high, which can cause squealing noises as air gets sucked in past the PCV diaphragm or even other seals deeper within the engine like the turbo oil drain or dipstick tube.

This quality aftermarket PCV/Oil Trap Assembly is just the thing to keep your seals safe and leak-free. If you've got squealing or chirping noises at idle, or if you can feel constant suction from the disc-shaped diaphragm cover, pop a new PCV assembly on to your engine to keep on going.

About Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are a reasonably priced and good alternative to OE products. We often supply aftermarket products in place of OE parts that are no longer available as well. 

Some items will be better than stock or considered an upgrade from the OE design in the aftermarket brand. 

Other items will work as a less expensive alternative to stock. 

We will not sell a product that we do not believe in, so rest assured you are fine with the aftermarket brand in most applications!

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